Minutes of Council Meeting 26/03/2013

l. Present:

Cllr.Mrs.S.Edmondson,  Cllr.Mrs.C.Evans,  Cllr.A.ap Huw Humphreys,  Cllr.O.Evans-Jones, Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess, Cllr.Mrs.A.Parry,
Cllr.D.Rees, Cllr.Ms.P.Rogers, Cllr.J.Spicer, Cllr.D.Worsley and PSCO Jill Buerdsell. 
2. Apologies:

Cllr.C.P.Barton, Conwy C.B.C. Cllr. G.Rees and  the CBM.
3. Suspension of Standing Orders

This was approved.
The PSCO reported on the situation at Top Llan Road, complaints regarding children on scooters had gone
quieter but a complaint had been received regarding children playing football
on the road and also of someone dumping nuts and bolts straight onto the
highway.  The PSCO had spoken to residents regarding these complaints. 
Members were also notified that there would be a St George’s day parade
on the 28th April, at 1.30 p.m. the parade would begin at Cae Ffwt and
proceed to the Church.  The Pensioners Trip on the 9th August, 2013 had been booked.
A Member of the Community Council reported that he had received complaints regarding a Milk Float
travelling along Top Llan Road in the early hours of the morning and rattling
as it negotiated the road bumps and so causing noise problems on a daily basis.  The PSCO stated that she would look into the
matter further.  Concern was again
expressed regarding a local elderly resident and developments to ensure his
safety within his home and the problem of addressing fire risks which had been
undertaken.  The PSCO stated that she would continue monitoring the situation and speak with the Fire Safety Service further.
Standing Orders were reinstated.
4. Minutes:
The minutes of the Meeting held on the 19th February, 2013 were approved.
5. Matters Arising:

1. 2012/13.8:10.4
Village Green Status, Pentrefelin: The Clerk updated Members on the current situation. As landowners Catrefi Conwy had
to make an application regarding Village Green status and they had indicated,
there were no proposals for any changes to the land and the situation was

2.  2012/13.8:7.1  Park Shelter and improvements to the park area.   A meeting with the Street
Scene Manager, CCBC had been held and notes from that meeting with proposals
for possible improvements were considered. 
It was agreed that the offer from CCBC to plant cherry blossom trees and
supply a sack of daffodil bulbs in autumn 2013 for the park be accepted.  Discussion was also given regarding planting
shrubs within planters in the village which would be low maintenance but offer all year interest.

 3.  2012/13.10:9.3 Road Sign, Garth Road: The Clerk reported that CCBC Policy was to replace
signs ‘like for like’ and so it was not possible in this instance to have a
bilingual road sign.  Cllr O. Evans-Jones was looking into the matter further and had written to the Chief Licensing
Officer at CCBC.

4.  2012/13.10:9.5 Footpath 12 Maeshyfryd – Ty Du Road: A site visit had been planned by CCBC; the clerk was requested to
follow this matter up.

5.  2012/13.11:7.5  Websites for Community Councils – response from CCBC at present management of the scheme under consideration by CCBC, and the interest from the Community Council noted.

6. 2012/13.11:7.7  Planning Application E-Consultation – The Chairman and Clerk had attended the demonstration day, and it was reported that an application for Lottery funding be pursued to supply the necessary equipment.
It was noted that from September 2013 all planning applications would be via
E-Consultation only.  Also it was requested that costings be undertaken  in
respect of purchasing a laptop in order to administrate Community Council

7. 2012/13.11:9.1 Daffodil Bulbs for the Scouts: Consultation with Tal Goed nursery, bulbs are available from
August/Sept, prices re. Value packs can be obtained nearer the time. Cllr Ms.
P. Rogers to speak to the Scouts regarding this matter.

8. 2012/13.11:9.3  Bench at the top of the park -  Mr Goronwy Jones had been on site and would undertake repairs to the bench.

9. 2012/13.11:9.4  Blocked  Soakaways, Llwybr y Gerddi – Mr J. Edwards, CCBC had inspected,
surface water and works would be undertaken.

10. 2012/13.11:9.6  Flowing water, Garth Road to Bryn Felin – matter reported to Welsh Water.

11. 2012/13.11:9.7  Environment Day  - The clerk had spoken with Mrs M. Brown of
the Environment Department, CCBC and was informed that at present the only
scheme available is for the Community Council to arrange and meet the expenses
of hiring skips, advertising etc  and to organise volunteers.  Consultation with
PCSO who is keen to help.  Cost of one skip is £130.00.  However, Cllr Ms. P.
Rogers informed the meeting that she had spoken separately with CBC Cllr M.
Priestly who had informed her that the CCBC funded mobile service was still in
operation and that a large skip may be available. The clerk to investigate this
matter further.

12.  2012/13.11:9.10  Rock face by the park – Response from Mr J. Edwards, CCBC – drainage channel to be put in next to playground before the end of the month.

13. 2012/13.11:10.5  Cars for Sale on A470 Riverside Garages – photographic evidence had been passed onto the PSCO, however many cars had been removed onto the sales site.  It was stated that cars still on the highway had the sales information on view but in
the foot well of the cars.  This matter is to be investigated further.
6. Planning Outcomes:

            0/39511  35, Tal y Fan, Glan Conwy     Delegated     Approved with conditions


7. Finance:


     Out:            S/0                                                                   £170.00                                                                                       
                        Bryn Ebeneser Rent                                          £60.00

                        Translation                                                      £180.00

                        G. Jones Benches                                            £40.00

                        Ysgol Glan Conwy PTA (8:10a below)          £2,573

                        Dŵr Cymru     (8.11 below)                            £121.19

                                             Total in accounts 26/03/13     
                                                                                            C/A  £2,773.42

                                                                                            D/A  £4,389.61

                                                               Scottish Widows Acc  £13,033.34

8. Correspondence:

1.    Invitation to Llanrwst Vision Action Plan Open Day 11th March – Cllr Ms P. Rogers attended.

2.    Wicksteed Playscapes, Change4life campaign and brochure – Noted.

3.    Betsi Cadwaladr Community Health Council,
copy letter to Minister for Health and Services     regarding changes to the health service in
North Wales – Noted.

4.    Certificate of thanks from Wales Air
Ambulance for the donation of £100.00

5.    Ombudsman for Wales, Information Booklets
supplied on how to make a complaint – these were circulated to all Members.

6.    One Voice Wales 2013/14 Discount on
Membership of 50% - Noted.

7.    CVSC Newsletter.

8.    Hacker Young, Notice of Annual Audit for
year ended 31st March, 2013 – Clerk to undertake.

9.    CVSC – Acknowledgement of membership &
Community Card initiative card for discounts to community groups.
for Business Directory.

10.   Invitation from CCBC and Armed Forces Community
to signing of the Community Covenant for Conwy, Saturday 13th April
at 3pm, Blind Veterans UK, Queens Road, Llandudno.   

11.   Welsh Water Bill: 1 April 2013 – 31st
March 2014 for £121.19 – Clerk to organise payment.

12.   Funding

a)    Ysgol Glan Conwy – A request for assistance
of £2573 in order that a computerised projector screen and accompanying
equipment be purchased.  It was stated
that this project did not benefit from Central Government funding and the
proposal was to site the equipment within the main hall so that all the
children could benefit. It was proposed and seconded that the scheme be
supported and full funding be given.


Cllr Mrs. C. Evans and the Chairman declared an interest in the above matter,
they took part in the discussion but did not vote on the matter.

b)     Macmillan Cancer Research, request for
donation, left on the table.    


9.  County
Councillor’s Report:


The report of County Cllr.G.Rees
was tabled and consideration to the following matters made:

 Cycle Route     Problems Top Llan Road


10. Local

1.   Cllr D. Rees reported that he had made
further investigations regarding provision of a skate park at Cae Ffwt and had
discovered that Planning permission for a BMX park had been passed in 2009 but
had to be completed within 5 years.  A
meeting regarding the plans, possible changes to ‘skate park’ and finances was
to take place the second week in April. 
Cllr Rees was requested to continue with his enquiries and speak to CBC
Cllr G. Rees.

 Cllr A. ap Huw Humprheys asked if there
was any further information regarding The Estuary and  it’s development.  The clerk was requested to make enquiries
with the planning department.

Cllr. J. Spicer stated that he was concerned the slurry was being dumped
along Ffordd Trallwyn and adjacent roads following spreading in the
fields.  The clerk to report this matter
to Highways.

Concern was expressed by Councillors to the quality of the resurfacing
of the road following the works by Dwr Cymru at the Lay by.  It was requested that the clerk report this
matter to the Highways department with a copy to the Trunk Road Agency.

 5.  It was reported that a resident had enquired
if a sign to indicate people crossing could be placed at the junction of Ffordd
Prenol and the A470.  The clerk to refer
this to the Highways department.

 6.  Cllr Ms. P. Rogers reported that she had
received letters from residents regarding the condition of the B5381 road.  The road from Black Cat crossroads up to
Groesffordd farm had seen a steady increase of traffic and over the past four
years the condition had declined, car tyres damaged by pot holes, side gullies
needed reinstating.  It was requested a
letter be sent to CCBC Highways department together with a file of the complaint
letters received by Cllr Ms. P. Rogers. It was also proposed that copy of  this be sent to the individuals who had
submitted complaints for their information.

 7.   Cllr Ms P. Rogers requested that the bench
at acre field be looked at and G. Jones be requested to carry out maintenance
work as necessary.

Cllr Mrs C. Evans requested that brambles at the top of Llwybr Gerddi be
cut back.


      All local matters were approved and the Clerk
will follow up those that need attention.


Date of
next meeting   April
30th, 2013 at 7.30pm.


Planning Applications:

0/39677  Variation of condition No. 1, Plot 17, Tal
y Fan, Glan Conwy.


     There were no objections to the









Cofnodion o’r
Cyfarfod 26/03/2013


Cyng.Mrs.S.Edmondson, Cyng.Mrs.C.Evans, Cyng.A.ap Huw Humphreys,  Cyng.O.Evans-Jones, Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess,
Cyng.Mrs.A.Parry, Cyng.D.Rees, 
Cyng.Ms.P.Rogers, Cyng.J.Spicer, Cyng.D.Worsley, RhRhG



Cyng.C.P.Barton, Cyng.G.Rees (CBSConwy), SCCH,


3. Atal y Rheolau Statudol:


Cytunwyd ar hyn.

Cafwyd adroddiad gan y RhRhG am y sefyllfa ar Ffordd Top Llan - cwynion
parthed plant ar sgwtyrs wedi distewi ond cwyn newydd parthed y plant yn
chwarae pêl ar y ffordd ac am rywun yn dympio nytiau a bolltau ar y ffordd.
Roedd wedi siarad â thrigolion am y cwynion hyn. Dywedwyd wrth yr aelodau y
bydd gorymdaith ddydd Sant Sior ar Ebrill 28ain am 1:30 o Gae Ffwt at yr
Eglwys. Bydd Trip yr Henoed ar Awst 9fed, 2013.


Adroddodd aelod o’r cyngor ei fod wedi derbyn cwynion am y fan lefrith
yn teithio ar hyd Ffordd Top Llan bob bore a’r poteli’n rhuglo wrth iddi fynd
dros y lympiau slofi traffig ac yn achosi problemau sŵn bob bore. Dywedodd y
RhRhG y bydd yn gwneud ymholiadau am hyn. Mynegwyd pryder eto parthed un o
drigolion hun y Llan a bod datblygiadau wedi digwydd parthed ei ddiogelwch yn
ei gartref a mater o ddiogelwch rhag tân. Dywedodd y RhRhG y bydd yn dal i gadw
llygaid ar y mater a chysylltu eto a’r Frigâd Dân.


Fe ail-sefydlwyd y Rheolau Statudol.


4. Cofnodion:


Cytunwyd ar gofnodion y cyfarfod diwethaf (19/02/2013).


5. Materion yn Codi o’r Cofnodion:


1    2012/13.8:10.4   Statws Llain y Pentref, Pentrefelin - Fe
adroddodd y clerc am y sefyllfa ddiweddaraf parthed hyn. Fel perchnogion, roedd
rhaid i Gartrefi Conwy wneud cais am Statws Llain a maent wedi mynegi nad oedd
bwriad newid y sefyllfa bresennol ac fe nodwyd yr ymateb. 

2012/13.8:7.1  - Lloches yn y Parc
a gwelliannau i’r parc -  Roedd
cyfarfod wedi bod gyda Rheolwr Y Gwasanaethau Stryd ac fe drafodwyd rhai
cynigion a allai wella’r parc. Cytunwyd i dderbyn cynnig yr adran iddynt blannu
coed ceirios ac i archebu bagiad o fylbiau cennin Pedr erbyn yr Hydref. Fe
drafodwyd y posibilrwydd o blannu prysglwyni yn y ‘planters’ yn y Llan na fyddai
llawer o waith cynnal a chadw arnynt ond a fyddai’n lliwgar trwy’r flwyddyn.

3.  2012/13.10:9.3  Arwydd ffordd, Ffordd Garth:  Adroddodd y clerc mai ymateb CBS Conwy oedd
gosod arwyddion fel y rhai oedd yno’n barod oedd y polisi, ac felly nid oedd
modd rhoi un dwyieithog yno. Roedd Cyng.Evans-Jones wedi edrych i mewn i’r
mater ac wedi ysgrifennu at Brif Swyddog Trwyddedu’r Sir.

4. 2012/13.8:10.9.5  Llwybr 12 Maeshyfryd i Ffordd Tŷ Du: Roedd
cyfarfod wedi ei drefnu gyda’r Sir. Y clerc i ddilyn y mater.

5.  2012/13.11:7.5   Safle We i’r Cyngor Cymuned: ymateb oddi
wrth y Sir fod y mater dan sylw parthed rheoli’r safle ac fe nodwyd diddordeb y
cyngor yn y mater.

6. 2012/13.11:7.7  Ceisiadau Cynllunio ar y We - Y Cadeirydd
a’r Clerc wedi mynychu sesiwn arddangos bwriadau’r  Sir parthed hyn. Adroddwyd fod cais am arian
lotri er mwyn archebu’r offer pwrpasol. Nodwyd mai o Fedi 2013, bydd holl
geisiadau cynllunio i’w cael ond drwy ymgynghoriad ar y we yn unig. Fe ofynnwyd
hefyd am gael prisiau i archebu cyfrifiadur ar gyfer gwaith y cyngor.

7. 2012/13.11:9.1 Bylbiau Cennin Pedr ar
gyfer y Sgowtiaid - ar ôl ymgynghori a Phlanhigfa Tal Goed, bydd bylbiau ar
gael i’w harchebu o Awst/Medi ac fe geir prisiau'r adeg hynny.  Cyng.Ms.Rogers i son am hyn wrth y Sgowtiaid.

8. 2012/13.11:9.3 Main yn y Parc - Mr.Goronwy
Jones wedi edrych ar y fainc ac fe wneir y gwaith cyn bo hir.

9. 2012/13.11:9.4 Draen wedi blocio ar
Llwybr y Gerddi - Roedd Mr.John Edwards, CBS Conwy wedi edrych ar y
sefyllfa ac fe wneir gwaith cyn bo hir.

2012/13.11:9.6  Dwr yn rhedeg rhwng
Ffordd Garth a Bryn Felin - Dŵr Cymru wedi 
                                      derbyn y gŵyn.

11. 2012/13.11:9.7   Dydd yr Amgylchfyd - y Clerc wedi
cysylltu â Mrs.M.Brown, Adran Amgylchfyd y Sir, a’r unig ateb ar hyn o bryd yw
i’r Cyngor Cymuned  i’w drefnu ac
i dalu’r gost o logi sgipiau, hysbysebu ac i drefnu’r  gwirfoddolwyr. Ymgynghori gyda’r RhRhG sydd
yn awyddus i gynnig cymorth. Mae un sgip yn costio £130.00 . Er hyn adroddodd
Cyng.Ms.Rogers ei bod wedi siarad â Cyng.Mike Priestley oedd wedi dweud wrthi
fod cynllun CBS Conwy i drefnu hyn yn dal mewn bodolaeth ac, efallai, y
bydd sgip fawr ar gael. Y clerc i wneud rhagor o ymholiadau.

12. 2012/13.11:9.7  Y Graig wrth y Parc - Ymateb oddi wrth
Mr.John Edwards y bydd yn trefnu i sortio’r broblem cyn diwedd y mis.

13.2012/13.11:9.7  Ceir ar werth wrth Garej ‘Riverside’ - roedd
tystiolaeth lluniau wedi eu rhoi i’r RhRhG, ond roedd nifer wedi eu symud i’r
safle gwerthu. Dywedwyd fod ceir yn dal ar y ffordd ond gyda’r wybodaeth
amdanynt ar lawr y ceir. Fe wneir rhagor o ymholiadau yma.


6. Canlyniadau Ceisiadau Cynllunio:


            0/39511      35, Tal y Fan       Dirprwyedig      Caniatawyd gydag amodau


7. Cyllid:


            I Mewn:



Bryn Ebeneser                                                   £60.00

Archeb Sefydlog                                                          £170.00

Cyfiaethu                                                                     £180.00

G.|Jones - meinciau                                                     £40.00

CRhA Ysgol Glan Conwy (8:10a isod )                       £2,573.00

Dŵr Cymru (8.11 isod)                                                      £121.19

                                                          Cyfanswm 26/03/13  C/Cyfredol 

C/Cadw  £4,389.61

                                  Cyfrif Scottish
Widows  £13,033.34

8. Gohebiaeth:


1.     Gwahoddiad
i Ddydd Agored Cynllun Gweithredu Llanrwst ar Fawrth 11eg, Cyng.Ms.Rogers wedi

2.     ‘Wicksteed
Playscapes’ - ‘Change 4 Life a phamffled. - Nodwyd

3.     Cyngor
Iechyd Cymunedol Betsi Cadwaladr yn anfon copi o lythyr a anfonwyd at y
Gweinidog Iechyd a Gwasanaethau parthed newidiadau i’r gwasanaeth iechyd yng
Ngogledd Cymru. Nodwyd.

4.     Tystysgrif
o ddiolch oddi wrth Ambiwlans Awyr Cymru am y rhodd o £100.00 

            5.     Ombwdsmon Cymru yn anfon pamffledi ar sut
i wneud cŵyn - dosbarthwyd i’r aelodau.

6.    Un Llais yn cynnig gostyngiad o 50% am
aelodaeth yn 2013/14.

7.     Cylchlythyr

8.     Hacker
Young parthed yr archwiliad ar gyfer y flwyddyn yn gorffen ar Fawrth 31ain 2013
- y clerc i drefnu.

9.     CGGC
- yn datgan derbyn aelodaeth y cyngor ac yn anfon cerdyn menter ar gyfer
gysyniad pris i grwpiau cymunedol.
<> ar gyfer Cyfeirlyfr Busnes.

Gwahoddiad oddi wrth CBS Conwy a Chymuned y Lluoedd Arfog i arwyddo
Cyfamod Cymunedol ar gyfer Conwy - Sadwrn, Ebrill 13eg am 3 yng Nghanolfan Hen
Filwyr y DU, Llandudno.

            11.  Bil dŵr y fynwent o Ebrill 2013-Mawrth 2014
am £121.19. Y clerc i drefnu talu.

Ceisiadau am roddion:

a) Ysgol Glan Conwy - cais am gymorth o £2573.00 er mwyn archebu
taflunydd cyfrifiadurol a’r offer angenrheidiol. Dywedwyd nad oedd y prosiect
yn elwa o gyllid Llywodraeth Ganolog a’r cynllun oedd gosod y peiriant yn y
neuadd fel bo holl blant yr ysgol yn elwa. Cynigwyd ac fe eiliwyd y dylai’r
cynllun dderbyn cefnogaeth lawn y cyngor.


CYMER SYLW: Mynegodd Cyng.Mrs.Evans a’r
Cadeirydd ddiddordeb ar y mater uchod, roeddent yn rhan o’r drafodaeth ond ddim
yn y bleidlais.




9. Adroddiad y Cynghorydd Sirol:


Dosbarthwyd  gwybodaeth  a ddarparwyd gan Cyng.G.Rees am y materion

Llwybr Beicio   Problem Ffordd Top Llan   


10.Materion Lleol:


Adroddodd Cyng.D.Rees ei fod wedi gwneud rhagor o ymholiadau parthed
cael parc sglefrio’n Cae Ffwt ac wedi darganfod fod caniatâd cynllunio wedi ei
gael ar gyfer parc BMX yn 2009 ond i’w orffen o fewn pum mlynedd. Roedd
cyfarfod i drafod y cynlluniau, y posibilrwydd 
o newid i barc sglefrio a’r cyllid i’w drefnu yn ail wythnos yn Ebrill.
Gofynnwyd i Cyng.Rees gario ‘mlaen gyda’i ymholiadau ac i gysylltu gyda

Holodd Cyng.ap Huw os oedd unrhyw ddatblygiad parthed datblygu’r  Aber. Gofynnwyd i’r clerc wneud ymholiadau
gyda’r Adran Cynllunio.

Mynegodd Cyng.Spicer ei fod yn bryderus fod slyri  wedi ei golli ar Ffordd
Trallwyn ar ôl iddo gael ei daenu ar gaeau cyfagos. Y clerc i gysylltu â’r
Adran Briffyrdd.

            4.   Mynegodd nifer o gynghorwyr bryder parthed
wyneb yr arhosfa ar ôl i Dŵr Cymru fod yn   
                                           tyllu yno. Gofynnwyd i’r clerc gysylltu
â’r Adran Briffyrdd ag Adran Briffyrdd Gogledd                                              Cymru.

Adroddwyd fod un o drigolion y Llan wedi gofyn am arwydd fod cerddwyr yn
croesi’r ffordd o Ffordd Prennol  ar
draws yr A470. Y clerc i wneud ymholiadau.

Adroddodd Cyng.Ms.Rogers ei bod wedi derbyn llythyrau oddi wrth
drigolion yn cwyno am gyflwr ford B5381. Roedd y ffordd o Sarn y Mynach i
Groesffordd wedi derbyn llawer rhagor o drafnidiaeth yn ddiweddar a bodwyneb y
ffordd wedi dirywio, ers y pedair blynedd diwethaf,  i’r fath raddau fel bod ceir wedi derbyn
difrod achos tyllau yn y ffordd a bod angen ail greu ffosydd. Gofynnwyd am i
lythyr fynd at Adran Priffyrdd y Sir, ynghyd a ffeil o’r llythyrau cwyno oedd
Cyng.Ms.Rogers wedi eu derbyn. Hefyd fe gynigwyd fod y trigolion oedd wedi
cwyno i dderbyn copi o’r llythyr a anfonir at y Sir er gwybodaeth.

7.   Gofynnodd
Cyng.Ms.Rogers am i’r fainc yn Acre Field dderbyn sylw ac i Goronwy Jones wneud
y gwaith sydd ei angen.

8. Gofynnodd Cyng.Mrs.Evans am i ddrain ar
Lwybr y Gerddi gael eu torri.


Cytunwyd ar holl o’r materion lleol ac fe
fydd y Clerc yn delio a’r materion sydd angen sylw.


Dyddiad y cyfarfod nesaf Ebrill 30ain2013     7:30  


Ceisiadau Cynllunio:


0/39677           Amrywiad
yn yr amod 1ar gyfer {lot 17, Tal y Fan .


Doedd dim gwrthwynebiad i’r ceisiadau.





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