Minutes of Council Meeting 19/02/2013

l. Present:

Cllr.Mrs.S.Edmondson,Cllr.C.P.Barton, Cllr H. Cunnah, Cllr.Mrs.C.Evans, Cllr.O.Evans-Jones, Cllr.Ms.P.Rogers, Cllr.J.Spicer and Cllr.D.Worsley. 

2. Apologies:

Cllr.Mrs.A.Parry, Cllr.A.ap Huw Humphreys, Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess, Cllr.D.Rees, Conwy C.B.C. Cllr. G.Rees,  PCSO and the CBM.

3. Suspension of Standing Orders
This was approved.

The Chairman introduced Mr Robyn Gwilym, Community Capacity Building Officer for Conwy Rural Partnership, who explained what his role entailed and that the aim was to help facilitate community groups with local projects that would improve the standard of living
in rural Conwy and offer financial support in developing initiatives. Schemes that had been progressed elsewhere in the County included a renewable energy scheme and a feasibility study for the improvement of a village hall. The Community Council were informed that at present, funding for the Rural Development Scheme was to end in December 2013 however, it was hoped that this would be

The scheme offered to undertake feasibility studies to establish if a project could progress successfully and members were asked if there were any local schemes that could benefit from the partnership.  Members felt that work to improve the Church House could be developed and Mr Gwilym’s contact details were given to members.  The Chairman thanked Mr Gwilym for his attendance.

Standing Orders were reinstated.

4. Minutes:

The minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on the 8th January, 2013 and the minutes of the meeting held on the 22nd January, 2013 were approved.

5. Matters Arising:

1. 2012/13.8:10.4  Village Green Status, Pentrefelin: Concern was expressed that the enquiries made in this respect had not been carried out satisfactorily and that a letter should have been sent to Catrefi Conwy in respect of gaining village green status at Pentrefelin.  However, following initial enquiries no answers had been gained only the ownership of the green. Further
to this it was considered that the initial scheme had been introduced as part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and an initiative from the Palace had been established in order that Village Green status could be gained in communities.  It was requested that the
clerk write to Buckingham Palace for further information/clarification in regard to the scheme and that this matter be progressed.         

2.  2012/13.8:7.1  Park Shelter and improvements to the park area.  The Street Scene Manager, CCBC had offered to meet with Councillors on site to discuss possible improvements, but had explained that there would be a financial consideration in respect of
any planting and benches. It was agreed that a meeting be arranged on site.

 3.  2012/13.10:7.3 CCBC Draft Local Flood Risk Consultation: A reply to the consultation had been sent and attention was drawn to the CCBC guidelines to reporting a flood. In regard to Culverts and drains it was felt that local monitoring of areas be made and any areas of concern reported to the clerk.

4.   2012/13.10:7.6 Demolition of The Estuary:  A letter from Janet Finch-Saunders had been received and its contents reported to the meeting and action to bring the Localism Bill to the attention of the Welsh Government were being made.

5.  2011/12.7:10.3 Flag Pole: Further work to secure the flags were proposed and agreed upon. Thanks be expressed to Mr J. Hughes-Jones for his assistance and kind donation.

6.  2012/13.10:9.4 Access at Ffordd Prennol: A response from CCBC Traffic Engineer had been received and responsibility for
investigating safety measures on the A470 lied with The North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency.  The concerns of the
Community Council had been forwarded accordingly.

7.  2012/13.10:9.5 Footpath 12 Maeshyfryd – Ty Ddu Road: This had been brought to the attention of Public Rights of Way,
however no work had been undertaken and the clerk was requested to follow this matter up.

8.  2012/13:10.9.6 Memorial Hall: Confirmation from CCBC Legal & Democratic Services had been received that the sale
proceeds would be spent locally on a charitable purpose.

6. Planning Outcomes:

0/39432      Plots 17 & 18 Tal y Fan     Delegated      Approved with conditions

0/39440      Tamarind, Conway Road   Delegated       Approved with conditions

0/39533     The Estuary, Glan Conwy Delegated                      Approved      

7. Finance:     



     Out:                                    Rent – Bryn Ebeneser                          £180.00

                                                SO                                                       £170.00          

                                                Wales Air Ambulance (8.10.c below)  £100,00                      

                                            Total in accounts  19/02/13           C/A  £2,587.61

                                                                                                  D/A £7,888.90

                                                                      Scottish Widows Acc  £13,033.34

8. Correspondence:

1.   CCBC Open Access Play Provision from Easter 2013 – That the scheme be agreed but that concerns
raised previously regarding advertising the scheme more effectively and more input and welcome from play leaders be highlighted.

2.    CVSC – Free Affiliation Membership -  Agreed.

3.    Conwy Rural Partnership – rural Conwy Business Awards 22nd March, 2013 – invitation for nominations.

4.    Kidney Wales Foundation – Walk for Life invitation to organise a Walk for Life/donation -  Noted.

5.    Welsh Government – Letter re. Development and funding for websites for Community Councils – That a letter of interest in
the scheme be sent to CCBC.

6.    Email from PSCO re. Speed complaint A470 Llanrwst Road ­- Noted.

7.    CCBC Planning Application E-Consultation Community Council Demonstration Day 22/02/2013 -  Chairman and Clerk to attend.

8.    Email from Dathlu regarding conference: The Census and the Welsh language. 14th March at Ammerford- Noted.

9.    CCBC Members on Appeal Panel in relation to Community and Voluntary Controlled for schools admissions and exclusions -  Noted.

10.    Funding Applications:

a)      BUS STOP – Youth and Community Project – request for financial contribution -  left on the table.

b)      Sponsor of transport for Pensioners trip 9th August, 2013 – That the cost of the transport be donated.

c)      Wales Air Ambulance Appeal – contribution requested,  that a donation of £100.00 be made.

d)      Theatr Bara Caws -  left on the table.

9.  County Councillor’s Report:

The report of County Cllr.G.Rees was tabled and consideration to the following matters made:

LDP     Council Tax 2013/14      Pedestrian Crossing   Cycle Route   Play Area

The report updated members in respect of the LDP hearing sessions by planning inspectors to be held in March
2013 with a view to a final report on any amendments due in August 2013.  Council Tax increase at Band D of 3.88% which
would equate to an increase of £34.32 per annum.  In regard to the pedestrian crossing A470, a draft report was now with the Trunk Road Agency for consideration.  Proposals had been progressed to provide a three metre wide footway cycleway from a bridge link from the RSPB into Glan Conwy.  A second springy bouncer was to be installed at the play area by the end of March at a cost of £900.

10. Local Matters:

1.   Cllr Ms. P. Rogers stated that a request had been made to her in regard to purchasing Daffodil Bulbs for the
Scouts/Beavers.  The question was raised that this was the wrong season for such a purchase but the scheme was approved
and the clerk requested to look into the matter further.

2. Consideration was given to removing the Christmas Lights from the park during the year, as previously, weather damage had caused some lights/electrical wiring to break.  It was decided that enquiries be made with Mr Buckley to the feasibility of removing the lights and storage. 

3.  Cllr. Mrs C. Evans reported that the bench at the top of the Park had not been repaired.

4.  Cllr Mrs C. Evans expressed concern that the grids that acted as soak aways located on the A470, next to Llwybr y Gerddi were blocked and that this be reported to the Highways Authority.

5.  Cllr J. Spicer reported that cars marked with prices ‘for sale’ were present on the main A470 highway and requested that this matter be looked into.

6.   Cllr O. Evans-Jones reported that there was a lot of water flowing across the road from Garth Road to Bryn Felin and that this be brought to the attention of Dwr Cymru.

7.  Cllr Ms P. Rogers requested that an environmental day be organised in the village.

8.   Cllr D. Worsley thanked the Community Council on behalf of the Sports Association for their donation and informed them that new goal posts had now been acquired.

9.   Cllr Ms P. Rogers expressed concern that a local elderly gentleman was not receiving sufficient support from CCBC Social Services and requested that members of the community keep an eye on the situation.  It was also suggested that Cllr Ms. P. Rogers
make a formal complaint to CCBC Social Services Department.

10. Cllr Mrs S. Edmonson stated that there was still water leaking from the rockface by the park and requested an update.

All local matters were approved and the Clerk will follow up those that need attention.
Date of next meeting   March 26th, 2013 at 7.30pm.
Planning Applications:
0/39547   Construction of a new footpath and screen, RSPB Conwy Nature Reserve

0/39529   Erection of a single detached dwelling, Tyn y Coed Farm.
There were no objections to the application.



Cofnodion o’r Cyfarfod 19/02/2013


Cyng.C.P.Barton, Cyng.H.Cunnah, Cyng.Mrs.C.Evans, Cyng.O.Evans-Jones,
Cyng.Ms.P.Rogers, Cyng.J.Spicer, Cyng.D.Worsley.

Cyng.Mrs.A.Parry, Cyng.A.ap
Huw Humphreys, Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess, Cyng.D.Rees, Cyng.G.Rees (CBSConwy),
3. Atal y Rheolau Statudol:
Cytunwyd ar hyn.
Cyflwynwyd Mr.Robyn Gwilym,
Swyddog Gwella Capasiti Cymunedol, Partneriaeth Wledig Conwy, ac fe esboniodd
beth oedd ei swydd ac mai’r nod yw i gynorthwyo grwpiau cymunedol gyda
phrosiectau lleol fyddai’n gwella safon byw o fewn Conwy wledig a chynnig
cefnogaeth ariannol i ddatblygu menter. Y math o gynlluniau sydd wedi elwa  mewn ardaloedd eraill yn y sir yw cynllun ynni
adnewyddadwy ac astudiaeth dichonoldeb at wella neuadd bentref. Dywedwyd fod y
cyllid ar gyfer y Cynllun Datblygu Gwledig yn gorffen yn Rhagfyr 2013 ond bod
gobaith y bydd estyniad ar hyn.
Mae’r cynllun yn cynnig cynnal astudiaethau dichonoldeb i
unrhyw brosiect lleol a allai elwa o’r bartneriaeth. Roedd teimlad y byddai’r
gwaith i wella Neuadd yr Eglwys yn gallu elwa ac fe ddosbarthwyd manylion
cysylltu Mr.Gwilym i’r aelodau. Diolchodd y Cadeirydd i Mr.Gwilym am ei
Fe ail-sefydlwyd y Rheolau Statudol.
4. Cofnodion:
Cytunwyd ar gofnodion y Cyfarfod
Arbennig (08/01/2013) a chofnodion y cyfarfod diwethaf (22/01/2013).
5. Materion yn Codi o’r Cofnodion:
1    2012/13.8:10.4   Statws Llain y Pentref, Pentrefelin.
Mynegwyd pryder nad oedd yr ymholiadau a wnaethpwyd heb eu gweithredu’n
foddhaol ac y dylai llythyr fynd at Cartrefi Conwy parthed cael statws llain
bentrefol ym Mhentrefelin. Er hynny, yn dilyn ymholiadau cychwynnol nid oedd
atebion i law, ond perchnogaeth y lawnt. Yn ychwanegol fe deimlwyd fod y
cynllun gwreiddiol wedi ei gyflwyno fel rhan o ddathliad Jiwbilî’r Frenhines a
bod y symbyliad gwreiddiol wedi ei gyflwyno er mwyn sefydlu statws Lawnt y
Pentref mewn cymunedau. Gofynnwyd i’r clerc gysylltu â Phalas Buckingham i gael
rhagor o wybodaeth/eglurhad parthed y cynllun ac y dylai’r mater hwn fynd

2. 2012/13.8:7.1  - Lloches yn y Parc
a gwelliannau i’r parc-  Roedd
Rheolwr Y Gwasanaethau Stryd GBSC yn
cynnig cyfarfod y cynghorwyr yn y parc i drafod gwelliannau posibl, ond
esboniodd y byddai oblygiadau ariannol parthed unrhyw blannu a meinciau.
Cytunwyd i drefnu cyfarfod yn y parc.

3.  2012/13.10:7.3  Cynllun
Ddrafft CBS Conwy ar  Reoli Llifogydd
Lleol:  Fe anfonwyd ymateb i’r ymgynghoriad ac fe
dynnwyd sylw at gynlluniau CBS Conwy parthed adrodd am lifogydd. Parthed y
ceuffosydd â’r cwteri, y teimlad oedd y dylid monitro’r sefyllfaoedd yn lleol a
gadael i’r clerc wybod os oedd pryderon.

4.  2011/12.10:7.6
Dymchwel yr Aber - derbyniwyd llythyr oddi wrth Janet Finch-Saunders yn
dweud fod symudiad i ddod a’r Bil Lleoliaeth i sylw Llywodraeth Cymru.

5.  2011/12.7:10.3
Polyn Flag - Cytunwyd ar i ragor o waith gael ei wneud i ddiogelu’r
fflagiau. Diolchwyd i Mr. J.Hughes-Jones am ei waith ac am ei rodd tuag at y

6.  2012/13.10:9.4
Mynedfa Ffordd Prennol: Ymateb i
law oddi wrth Swyddog Trafnidiaeth CBS Conwy yn datgan mai cyfrifoldeb  Asiantaeth Priffyrdd Gogledd a Chanolbarth
Cymru oedd y mater a godwyd. Roedd y mater wedi ei basio ‘mlaen atynt.

7.  2012/13.8:10.9.5  Llwybr 12 Maeshyfryd i Ffordd Tŷ Du: Yr
Adran Hawliau Tramwy Cyhoeddus wedi derbyn y sylw ond heb ymateb
hyd yma. Y clerc i ddilyn y mater.

8.   2008/09.3:10.9.6  Y Neuadd Goffa: Cadarnhad oddi wrth Adran
Gyfreithiol CBS Conwy y bydd unrhyw enillion yn cael eu gwario ar elusen leol
6. Canlyniadau
Ceisiadau Cynllunio:
            0/39432      Plot 17 & 18, Tal y Fan  Dirprwyedig  Caniatawyd gydag amodau

            0/39440      Tamarind, Ffordd Conwy    Dirprwyedig  Caniatawyd gydag amodau

            0/39533      Yr Aber, Glan Conwy         Dirprwyedig  Caniatawyd
7. Cyllid:

           I Mewn:


            Rhent Bryn Ebeneser                                                   £180.00

            Archeb Sefydlog                                                          £170.00

  Ambiwlans Awyr Cymru (8.10.c isod)                                    £100.00

                                    Cyfanswm 19/02/13  C/Cyfredol       £2587.61

                                                                     C/Cadw           £7,888.90

                                               Cyfrif Scottish Widows         £13,033.34


8. Gohebiaeth:
1.     Darpariaeth
Chwarae Mynediad Agored ar gyfer y Pasg
2013 – Cytunwyd ar y cynllun ond fod y
pryderon a godwyd o’r blaen parthed hysbysebu’r cynllun yn fwy effeithiol a mwy
o fewnbwn a chroeso gan yr arweinwyr yn cael eu hamlygu.

2.     CGGC -
Aelodaeth Gyswllt am ddim - Cytunwyd.

3.     Partneriaeth
Wledig Conwy – cais am enwebu ar gyfer Gwobrau Busnes Conwy erbyn Mawrth 22ain,

4.     Sefydliad
Aren Cymru - gwahoddiad i drefnu Taith Gerdded/ roi nawdd – Nodwyd. 

5.     Llywodraeth Cymru - parthed datblygu cyllido
safle ŵe ar gyfer Cynghorau Cymuned - Cytunwyd i anfon at GBS Conwy yn  datgan diddordeb.

6.     E-bost oddi wrth SCCH parthed gyrru ar A 470,
Ffordd Llanrwst – Nodwyd..

7.     CBS Conwy
parthed Dydd Agored i Gynghorau Cymuned parthed Ceisiadau Cynllunio. Y   Cadeirydd â’r Clerc i fynychu.

8.      E-bost gan Datblygu parthed cynhadledd ‘Y
Cyfrifiad â’r Iaith Gymraeg’ Mawrth 14 yn    
Rhydaman - Nodwyd

9.     CBS Conwy
parthed Aelodau ar Banel Apeliadau yn ymwneud ag Ysgolion Cymunedol ag Ysgolion
Gwirfoddol a Reolir - mynediadau ac eithriadau - Nodwyd

10.   Ceisiadau am roddion:

a) Bus Stop – Prosiect Ieuenctid a’r Gymdogaeth – cais
am nawdd – gadawyd ar y bwrdd.    

b) Cefnogaeth ar gyfer trip yr henoed ar Awst 9fed,2013  - Telir côst y drafnidiaeth.

c) Ambiwlans Awyr Cymru - cais am nawdd – gwneir rhodd o £100.00

ch) Bara Caws - gadawyd ar y bwrdd
 9. Adroddiad y Cynghorydd Sirol:
Dosbarthwyd  gwybodaeth  a ddarparwyd gan Cyng.G.Rees am y materion

Cyllideb 2013/14      Croesfan
Cerddwyr  Llwybr Beicio   Man Chwarae          
Roedd yr adroddiad yn diweddaru’r aelodau parthed y Sesiynau Gwrandawiadau am y CDLl gan yr arolygwyr
cynllunio fydd ym Mawrth 2012 gyda’r bwriad o gyflwyno adroddiad terfynol ar unrhyw
welliant yn Awst 2013. Codiad o 3.88% yn 
y Dreth Cyngor ym Mand D fydd yn godiad o £34.32 y flwyddyn. Parthed y
Groesfan, mae adroddiad ddrafft yn llaw’r Asiantaeth Briffyrdd i’w hystyried.
Mae cynigiadau parthed cael Llwybr 3m o led a phont o’r Warchodfa Adar i Lan
Conwy. Bydd ail ‘Springy Bouncer’ yn cael ei osod yn y parc chwarae erbyn
diwedd Mawrth ar gost o £900.
10.Materion Lleol:
Mynegodd  Cyng.Ms.Rogers ei bod
wedi derbyn cais i brynu bylbiau cennin Pedr i’r Sgowtiaid/Afanc. Fe godwyd
cwestiwn y bod yn dymor anghywir ar gyfer archeb o’r fath ond fe gytunwyd ar y
cynllun â’r clerc i wneud ymholiadau pellach.

2.   Ystyriwyd
tynnu’r goleuadau Nadolig o’r parc yn ystod y flwyddyn gan fod y tywydd wedi
dinistrio rhai o’r goleuadau. Cytunwyd i holi Mr.Buckley os oedd hyn yn

3.  Adroddodd
Cyng.Mrs.Evans nad oedd y fainc ochr uchaf i’r parc wedi ei thrwsio.

4.   Mynegodd
Cyng.Mrs.Evans fod y grid ar ochr y pafin wrth Lwybr y Gerddi’n llawn baw - fe
gaiff yr Awdurdod Priffyrdd derbyn y gŵyn.

5.  Adroddodd
Cyng.Spicer fod ceir gydag arwyddion ‘Ar Werth’ 
ar y ffordd fawr ac roedd yn awyddus i’r gwyn gael ei phasio ‘mlaen..

6.  Adroddodd
Cyng.Evans-Jones fod dŵr yn tywallt ar draws y ffordd o Ffordd Garth i Fryn
Felin ac y dylid dwyn y mater i sylw Dŵr Cymru.

7.   Gofynnodd
Cyng.Ms.Rogers am gael ‘Dydd Amgylcheddol yn y Llan.

8.   Diolchodd
Cyng.Worsley i’r Cyngor , ar ran y Gymdeithas Chwaraeon, am y rhodd a bod
goliau newydd wedi eu harchebu.

9.   Mynegodd
Cyng.Ms.Rogers bryder nad oedd oedolyn yn y Llan yn derbyn  cefnogaeth ddigonol gan Wasanaethau
Cymdeithaso CBS Conwy a gofynnod ar i’r aelodau gadw llygaid ar y sefyllfa.
Cynigwyd fod Cyng.Ms.Rogers i wneud cwyn swyddogol i Wasanaethau Cymdeithaso
CBS Conwy.

10  Dywedodd
Cyng.Mrs.Edmondson fod dŵr yn dal i lifo o’r graig dan y parc a gofynnodd am
ddiweddariad ar y sefyllfa.
Cytunwyd ar holl o’r materion lleol ac fe fydd y Clerc yn delio a’r materion sydd angen sylw.
Dyddiad y cyfarfod nesaf Mawrth 26ain2013     7:30  
Ceisiadau Cynllunio:
0/39547           Adeiladu Llwybr a sgrin yn y Warchodfa Natur.

            0/39529           Adeiladu un tŷ yn Fferm Tyn y Coed

Doedd dim gwrthwynebiad i’r ceisiadau.

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