Minutes of Council Meeting 30/04/2013

l. Present:

Cllr.Mrs.S.Edmondson,  Cllr. C.P. Barton, Cllr. H. Cunnah, Cllr.Mrs.C.Evans,
 Cllr.A.ap Huw Humphreys,  Cllr.O.Evans-Jones, , Cllr.Mrs.A.Parry, Cllr.D.Rees,
Cllr.Ms.P.Rogers, Cllr.J.Spicer, Cllr.D.Worsley, Conwy C. B. Cllr G. Rees,  and PCSO Jill Buerdsell. 
2. Apologies:

Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess and the CBM.
3. Suspension of Standing Orders

This was approved.
The PCSO reported that a speeding survey had been undertaken along a stretch of the A470 and the
statistical information gathered was also to be used by pupils of Ysgol Glan
Conwy for a project.   A poster for the
Pensioners Trip 9th August, 2013 had been produced and the clerk was
requested to place this on the notice board. 
Councillor H. Cunnah expressed some concern that cars parked on the
roadside by Riverside Garages were causing a bottle neck for traffic.  The PCSO noted these concerns.

Standing Orders were reinstated.
4. Minutes:
The minutes of the Meeting held on the 26th March, 2013 were approved.
5. Matters Arising:

1. 2012/13.12:3  Milk Float, Top Llan Road: PCSO had spoken to the Manager at Cotteswold’s Dairies, who will speak to driver.

2.   2012/13.12:3  Mr Woolnough, Fire Risk concerns:  PCSO had spoken to Caring Hands and advised them re. Bedding also spoken to Fire Service. 

3.   2012/13.10:4.4  Park Shelter and improvements: E-Mail confirmation from Lyn Davies, CCBC re. Cherry Blossom Trees and Daffodil bulbs ordered for Autumn 2013.

4   2012/13.11:9.7  Environment Day  - Confirmation from CCBC Cllr M. Priestley
that at present the only scheme available is for the Community Council to
arrange and meet the expenses of hiring skips, advertising etc  and to organise volunteers. 

5.  2012/13.12: 10.3  Slurry along roads: CCBC completed
ditching work on Ffordd Trallwyn and so the road required sweeping , also the
road will be monitored re. Slurry and the farmer contacted.

6.  2012/13.12: 10.4  Road Resurfacing, Green Seats Layby:
Response from CCBC Highways.  This is a temporary road surfacing and permanent tarmac reinstatement with be undertaken
by Welsh Water before completion of their works.

7.  2012/13.12: 10 .5  Road Sign re. People crossing, Ffordd Prenol and A470: CCBC Highways Department passed enquiry to North Wales Trunk Road Agency and also suggested a formal letter to the agency regarding concerns, as pedestrian warning signs only provided where there is a controlled crossing or public footpath.

8. 2012/13.12:
10.6  Concerns re. condition of the B5381 road:  Outline of concerns reported to J. Edwards, Highways CCBC.  The road
is inspected on a monthly basis and repairs are arranged. A copy of the concerns regarding increased traffic has been referred to Dylan Thomas, Development Control Section.  File of letters of complaint to be compiled by Cllr Ms. P. Rogers.

9. 2012/13.12:10.8 Brambles Llwybr Gerddi:  Lyn Davies has arranged for them to be cut back.
6. Planning Outcomes:

0/39547   RSPB Conwy Nature Reserve Llandudno Junction           Delegated    Approved

0/39529   Tyn Y Coed Farm, Ffordd Trallwyn – Outline                     Delegated    Refused
7. Finance:
(a)    Balance Sheet 2012/2013 (as attached).  Internal Audit to be held 9/05/13.

(b)  PAYE – P35 completed and end of year submission made.  First RTI submission 2013/14 made.

(c)          In:                    Precept                                                      £8334.00

            Out:                 Expenses – Clerk (ref. 8.13)                            £93.49                                                                                                                                   NWN Pioneer Job Advert (ref. 8.14)               £147.60

                                             Total in accounts 30/04/13       
                                                                                                 C/A  £3,554.97

                                                                                              D/A   £12,723.61  
                                                              Scottish Widows Acc        £13,033.34

8. Correspondence:

1.    Unllais Mental Health Agency invitation to open days – Posters put on Notice Board.

2.    Scottish Widows Bank –Changes to interest rate to 0.74% and terms of agreement, Clerk to look for alternative savings

3.    Wales Rural Observatory – Services Survey 2013, received 11th April, to be completed by 15th April – completed by Chairman due to timescales.

4.    Letter of thanks from Ysgol Glan Conwy P.T. A. for the donation and support.

5.    North Wales Police Press Release re. Seat Belt Campaign

6.    Letter from the Clerk – re. Code of Conduct.  Noted.

7.    Letter of resignation from Clerk, Noted.

8.    One Voice Wales Membership 2013-14, offer of 50% discount (£139) and a list of courses
available.  Clerk to email the 2013 Training Programme to members. To consider
membership at next meeting and clerk to speak with smaller community councils.

9.     Rural Housing Enabler, Conwy Draft Local Housing Strategy 2013-2018 – Draft document
available for final consultation 17th April – 15th May at, paper copies available
at all libraries in Conwy. 

10.  Attendance sheet up to 26th March, 2013 for information. Noted

11.  Conwy Rural Partnership and Conwy Local Action Group-survey and support to Community/groups
in the area.  Contact Gareth Thomas

12.  Cerdded Conwy Walks – Trefriw Walking Festival  17 – 19 May (copy available via email).

13.  Request for expenses – Clerk. £93.49 (Dec-April).

14.  Invoice from NWN Media Ltd for job advertisement £147.60.
9. County Councillor’s Report & LDP:
LDP  - has now been submitted to the independent Planning Inspectorate for examination:  Cycle Link to RSPB – The suggested
route is a footbridge from the viewing lay-by and issue re vehicle speed limit is being looked into. 

Crossing – Information requested from the Minister’s office regarding the results of the
crossing survey: Review of Electoral Arrangements – Number of Conwy County Borough Councillors to be reduced
from 59 to 57 and will come into effect 2017: Memorial Hall / Public Conveniences – Marketing details for the
sites have been issued.
10. Local Matters:  
Cllr Mrs. C. Evans expressed concern that some gardens within the Maes Hyfryd Estate were in
a very untidy condition.  It was thought that some were Catrefi Conwy houses but others private landlords
and it was requested that Catrefi Conwy be approached regarding this
problem.Cllr C.P Barton stated that the footpath sign was missing at
Footpath No. 8 (Ffordd Farm), and that Footpath No. 9 sign was bent out of
shape and pointing in the wrong directions.  It was requested that the clerk report
this matter and also request an updated footpath map for the community
council.Cllr O. Evans-Jones enquired who owned the land between the West End and the steps at Llwbyr Gerddi as a lot of
trees had been cut down there, also the fence was broken at Llwbyr Gerddi
and needed repair.  The clerk to report to CCBC.Cllr O. Evans-Jones reported that there was still and over flow of
water at Garth Road and requested that this matter be raised again with WelshWater.Cllr D. Rees updated members on the skate park, and stated that the planning permission was for a BMX park however a change of use
application was to be made to enable a wheeled park area.  There was a site visit 1st
May, 2013 and it was hoped that this project will be realised in the near
future.  Members were further informed that the skate parks do require an inspection every two months
and volunteers were sought to undergo training, costs for the four hour
course were to be met by the community council and the matter was presently
being investigated.Cllr Mrs S. Edmondson enquired if the repairs to the rock face by
the park had been undertaken – Clerk to investigate.Cllr Mrs S. Edmondson expressed concern that the fence at the top
of the allotments footpath (Llwbyr Gerddi) was in a dangerous condition
and requested that this matter be reported.Cllr Mrs A. Parry asked if the County Borough Council would not
cut the daffodils too early this year in Glan Conwy and Dolwyd.

All local matters were approved and the Clerk will follow up those that need attention.
Date of next meeting  AGM May 28th, 2013 at 7.30pm.
Planning Applications:

0/39719  Replace entrance porch with new conservatory, Fortrose, Graig.
0/39718  Demolish existing porch and construct new sun room, enlarge front drive and widen access                at 14,Glan y Mor, .
There were no objections to the applications.


Cofnodion o’r Cyfarfod 30/04/2013


Cyng.Mrs.S.Edmondson, Cyng.C.P.Barton, Cyng.H.Cunnah, Cyng.Mrs.C.Evans,
Cyng.A.ap Huw Humphreys, 
Cyng.O.Evans-Jones, Cyng.Mrs.A.Parry, Cyng.D.Rees,  Cyng.Ms.P.Rogers, Cyng.J.Spicer, Cyng.D.Worsley,
Cyng.G.Rees (CBSConwy), RhRhG



Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess, SCCH,


3. Atal y Rheolau Statudol:


Cytunwyd ar hyn.

Cafwyd adroddiad gan y RhRhG fod archwiliad cyflymder
traffig wedi cymryd lle ar yr A470 a bod y wybodaeth ystadegol am gael ei
ddefnyddio gan blant Ysgol Glan Conwy hefyd ar gyfer prosiect.

Mae poster ar gyfer Trip yr Henoed ar Awst 9fed wedi
ei ddarparu ac fe ofynnwyd i’r clerc roi un yn yr hysbysfwrdd.

Mynegodd Cyng.Cunnah bryder parthed nifer y ceir oedd
ar y ffordd wrth Garej Riverside oedd yn achosi tagfa i drafnidiaeth. Cymerodd
y SCCH sylw o hyn.


Fe ail-sefydlwyd y Rheolau Statudol.


4. Cofnodion:


Cytunwyd ar gofnodion y cyfarfod diwethaf (26/03/2013).


5. Materion yn Codi o’r Cofnodion:


1    2012/13.12:10.3  Fan Laeth, Ffordd Top Llan - Y SCCH wedi
cysylltu â rheolwr Llaethdy Cotteswold sydd am siarad â’r gyrrwr. 

2.  2012/13.12.3 
- Pryderon Tân Mr.Woolnough - 
Y SCCH wedi cysylltu â ‘Caring Hands’ ac wedi eu cynghori parthed
ddillad gwely . Roedd hefyd wedi cysylltu â’r Frigâd Dân.

3.  2012/13.8:10.9.5  Gwelliannau i’r Parc a Lloches: E-bost
oddi wrth Lyn Davies yn cadarnhau fod coeden ‘Cherry Blossom a bylbiau Cennin
Pedr wedi eu harchebu ar gyfer Hydref 2013.

4.  . 2012/13.11:9.7   Dydd yr Amgylchfyd: Cadarnhad oddi wrth
Cyng. M. Priestley mai, ar hyn o bryd, yr unig gynllun sydd ar gael yw i’r
Cyngor Cymuned drefnu a chyfarfod cost sgip, hysbysu ayyb ac i drefnu

5. 2012/13.12:
10.3  Slyri ar y ffyrdd - CBS Conwy
wedi cwblhau gwaith ar ffosydd Ffordd Trallwyn a bydd angen  brwsio’r ffordd. Fe gedwir llygaid ar y
sefyllfa slyri ac fe gysylltir â’r ffermwr..

6. 2012/13.12:
10.4  Ail dario’r ffordd wrth Safle
‘Green Seats’  - Ymateb CBS Conwy mai
wyneb dros dro yw'r un presennol ac fe wneir y gwaith parhaol gan Dŵr Cymru cyn
iddynt gwblhau’r gwaith i gyd.

7. 2012/13.10:9.3  Arwydd ffordd, Ffordd Prenol/A470 - CBS
Conwy wedi pasio’r cais ‘mlaen i Asiantaeth Priffyrdd Gogledd Cymru ac wedi
awgrymu llythyr swyddogol i’r asiantaeth yn mynegi pryderon, gan mai ond lle mae
croesfan reoledig neu lwybr cyhoeddus mae modd cael arwyddion rhybudd.

8. 2012/13.12:
10.6  Pryderon parthed y B5381 - Braslun
o’r pryderon wedi eu pasio ‘mlaen i John Edwards, Priffyrdd CBS Conwy. Mae’r
ffordd yn cael ei archwilio’n fisol ac fe drefnir atgyweiriadau pan fo angen.
Mae copi o’r pryderon wedi mynd at Dylan Thomas, Adran Rheoli Datblygiad. Fe
grëir ffeil o’r cwynion gan Cyng.Ms.Rogers.

Drain Llwybr Gerddi – Mae Lyn Davies wedi trefnu i dorri’r drain


6. Canlyniadau Ceisiadau Cynllunio:


            0/39547      Gwarchodfa CFGA y Cyffordd       Dirprwyedig Caniatawyd

            0/39529      Fferm Tyn y Coed, Ffordd Trallwyn –
Amlinelliad   Dirprwyedig   Gwrthodwyd


7. Cyllid:


            a) Mantolen 2012/13 ( fel
atodiad). Yr Archwiliad Mewnol ar 09/05/2013

b) Talu
wrth Ennill – Ffurflen P35 wedi ei chwblhau a’r cyflwyniad diwedd blwyddyn wedi
ei  yrru. Cyflwyniad cyntaf RTI ar gyfer
2013/14 wedi ei wneud.


I Mewn:

cyntaf                                                        £8334.00        


Clerc           (cyf 8.13 isod)                                                £93.49

Hysbyseb Pioneer (cyf 8.14 isod)                                £147.60

                                                          Cyfanswm 30/04/13  C/Cyfredol 

C/Cadw  £12723.61

                                  Cyfrif Scottish
Widows  £13,033.34

8. Gohebiaeth:


1.     Gwahoddiad
i Ddyddiau Agored gan Asiantaeth Iechyd Meddwl Un Llais – posteri ar yr

2.     Scottish
Widows yn datgan newid yn y termau ac yn y llog – i  0.74%. Y
clerc i chwilio am gyfrifon cadw eraill.

3.     Arsyllfa Wledig Cymru - Archwiliad
Gwasanaethau 2013, i law ar Ebrill 11eg ac i’w ddychwelyd erbyn Ebrill 15fed -
Y Cadeirydd wedi ei gwblhau o herwydd prinder amser.

4.     Llythyr
o ddiolch am y rhodd a’r gefnogaeth oddi wrth CRhA Ysgol Glan Conwy .

            5.     Datganiad i’r Wasg oddi wrth Heddlu
Gogledd Cymru parthed Ymgyrch Gwregys Diogelwch.

6.    Llythyr oddi wrth y clerc parthed Côd
Ymddygiad – nodwyd.

7.     Llythyr
o ymddiswyddiad oddi wrth y clerc – nodwyd.

8.     Un Llais yn cynnig tâl aelodaeth am 2013/14
gyda gostyngiad o 50% (£139) a rhestr o gyrsiau sydd ar gael. Y clerc i
e-bostio’r rhestr i’r aelodau. Fe drafodir ymaelodi yn y cyfarfod nesa a’r
clerc i drafod gyda chynghorau bach eraill.

9.     Galluogwr Tai Gwledig, Cynllun Drafft
Strategaeth Tai Lleol 2013-18 CBS Conwy - y cynllun i’w weld ar wefan CBS Conwy  <>
ac fe dderbynnir sylwadau rhwng Ebrill 17eg a Mai 15fed. Ceir copi called ym
mhob llyfrgell yng Nghonwy.

10.   Taflen Presenoldeb hyd at Fawrth 26ain, 2013
er gwybodaeth - nodwyd.

11.   Partneriaeth Wledig Conwy a Grŵp Gweithredu
Lleol Conwy. Arolwg a chefnogaeth i grwpiau/cymunedau yn yr ardal. Cysylltir a
Gareth Thomas

12.   Cerdded Conwy - Gŵyl Gerdded Trefriw Mai
17-19 (copi ar gael ar y we).

13.   Cais am gostau’r clerc - £93.49

Anfoneb hysbysiad yn y Pioneer £147.60.


9. Adroddiad y Cynghorydd Sirol:


CDLl - wedi
ei chyflwyno i’r Arolygydd Annibynnol.

Linc Beicio i’r Warchodfa - Yr awgrym yw pont droed o’r arosfan- ac mae’r
sefyllfa am gyfyngiad gyrru’n derbyn sylw.

Croesfan -
Cais am wybodaeth gan swyddfa’r Gweinidog parthed canlyniadau’r arolwg croesi.

Arolwg Trefniadau Etholiadol - Gostwng nifer cynghorwyr CBS Conwy o 59 i 57 o

Neuadd Goffa/ Toiledau Cyhoeddus - Mae manylion marchnata’r safle wedi eu cyhoeddi. 


10.Materion Lleol:


1.   Cyng.Mrs.Evans yn mynegi pryder fod rhai gerddi
ar stad Maeshyfryd mewn cyflwr gwael. Awgrymwyd mai tai Cartrefi Conwy oedd
rhai ac eraill gan berchnogion  preifat
ac y dylid cysylltu â Chartrefi Conwy parthed eu tai nhw.

2.   Adroddodd Cyng.Barton fod arwydd llwybr
cyhoeddus ar goll o Lwybr 8 (Ffordd Farm) a bod arwydd Llwybr 9 wedi plygu  ac yn pwyntio i’r cyfeiriad anghywir.
Gofynnwyd i’r clerc gwyno am hyn ac i ofyn am gopi o fap diweddaraf llwybrau’r
ardal at ddefnydd y cyngor.

3.   Cyng.Evans-Jones yn holi pwy oedd berchen y
tir rhwng West End a Llwybr y Gerddi gan fod nifer o goed wedi eu torri i lawr,
hefyd roedd y ffens ar Lwybr y Gerddi wedi malu. Y clerc i gysylltu â CBS

4.    Cyng.Evans-Jones yn adrodd fod yna orlif yn
dal i fod ar Ffordd Garth ac yn gofyn am i’r mater gael ei godi eto efo Dŵr

5.   Cafwyd adroddiad diweddaraf am y parc
sglefrio gan Cyng.D.Rees a dywedodd mai ar gyfer cwrs BMX oedd y caniatâd
cynllunio ond fe wneid cais am newid defnydd er mwyn cael parc ar gyfer
aml-olwyn. Mae cyfarfod ar y safle wedi ei drefnu ar gyfer Mai 1af ac roedd yn
gobeithio y bydd y prosiect yn dod i fodolaeth yn fuan. Dywedwyd hefyd fod angen
archwilio’r parc sglefrio bob deufis ac roedd angen gwirfoddolwyr i dderbyn
hyfforddiant. Roedd y cyngor cymuned i gyfarfod a chost y cwrs pedair awr  ac roedd y mater yn derbyn sylw.

6.   Gofynnodd Cyng.Mrs.Edmondson a oedd y gwaith
ar y graig wrth y parc wedi digwydd. Y clerc i holi.

7.   Mynegodd
Cyng.Mrs.Edmondson bryder am gyflwr y ffens ochr uchaf i Lwybr y Gerddi a
gofynnodd am i’r mater gael ei basio ‘mlaen eto.

8.  Gofynnodd Cyng.Mrs.Parry am i ddail y Cennin Pedr
beidio cael eu torri mor fual eleni yn Dolwyd a Glan Conwy.

Cytunwyd ar holl o’r materion lleol ac fe
fydd y Clerc yn delio a’r materion sydd angen sylw.


Dyddiad y cyfarfod nesaf Mai 28ain –
Cyfarfod Blynyddol am 7:30  


Ceisiadau Cynllunio:


0/39719           Rhoi stafell haul yn lle cyntedd yn Fortrose, Graig.

0/39718           Dymchwel cyntedd ac adeiladu stafell
haul newydd, lledu rhodfa blaen tŷ  a
lledu’r fynedfa yn 14, Glan y Môr


Doedd dim gwrthwynebiad i’r ceisiadau.


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