Minutes of Council Meeting 13/11/2012

l. Present:

Cllr.Mrs.S.Edmondson, Cllr.C.P.Barton, Cllr H. Cunnah, Cllr.Mrs.C.Evans,
Cllr.O.Evans-Jones, Cllr.A.ap Huw, , Cllr.Mrs.A.Parry, Cllr.D.Rees, Cllr.Ms.P.Rogers,
Cllr.J.Spicer, Cllr.D.Worsley,  Conwy
C.B.Cllr. G.Rees.

2. Apologies:

Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess, PCSO and the CBM.

3. Suspension of Standing Orders
This was approved.

The Chairman introduced Jill Roberts and Hayden Davies of
Welsh Water to the meeting. Jill stated that work was progressing on target and
concrete delivery by wagon was just once a week on a Monday between the hours
of 9.30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Works to lay pipeline from the site to the viewing lay by
on the A470 were also being undertaken. Cllr. Mrs Parry asked why, after consultation,
the highway access had been changed to allow wagons to use the B5381 road down to
Glan Conwy Corner.  Jill stated that, the
route had been amended due to issues regarding the primary schools in the area.  The wagons were monitored closely in respect of
time and use of the correct route.   It
was stated that feedback from residents in respect of wagons would be useful to
ensure the contractor for the wagons was maintaining the correct procedure and Jill
asked that, if concerned, the registration of the vehicle be noted and passed
to her for investigation.  Members were
informed that distribution of a monthly newsletter would be extended to the
Community Council and a site visit be arranged in the New Year.

Members thanked the representatives from Welsh Water for
attending the meeting and answering their questions.

4. Reinstatement of Standing Orders
This was approved
5. Minutes:

The minutes of the last meeting (16/10/2012) were approved with correction
of the date ref.  Minute 8. 1)  2013/2014.

6. Matters Arising:

1. 2011/12-4 :1  B5381 Bryn y Maen – Cllr. Mrs. Parry
stated that it was her, and not Cllr. Mrs Evans, that had expressed concern and
that the road she had referred to was the use of the B5381 Bryn y Maen Road
down to Black Cat Corner.

2.  2011/12.7:10.2
Sports Association - Resignation of Cllr. Mrs Evans as representative on
the Sports Association due to family commitments.  It was resolved that Cllr. D. Rees be elected
as a representative from the Community Council.

3. 2012/13.6:9.17 Planning Peer Challenge
CCBC:  It was noted that both Cllr
Ms. Rogers and Conwy CB Cllr G. Rees had attended the consultation meeting on
13th November, 2012.

4. 2012/13.6:8.1 Bank Mandate, Scottish Widows
and Internet Banking:  Cllr D. Rees
to visit the bank re Mandate.  Notice
received from Scottish Widows regarding a reduction of interest rate from
January, it was suggested that other saving schemes and rates of interest be
investigated by the clerk.

5.   2012/13.6:9.10
Conwy Rural Partnership – A further invitation be extended to Robin Gwilym.
7. Planning Outcomes:

            0/39147           8, Parc Derwen                                          Delegated            Approved

            0/39151           Holmwood, 4 Ffordd Las Bridge                 Delegated            Approved

             0/39157          Black Cat Garage                                      Delegated            Approved

            0/39231           Variation to Condition, Plot 18,Tal y Fan  Delegated            Withdrawn
8. Finance:    


            D/A transfer                                                    £3,750.00


             A.P.Payne                                                       £170.00
             NW Deaf Association                                        £50.00
             Nant Conwy Day Club                                   £1000.00
             Chairman’s Fund                                              £28.00
             Sports Association                                       £2,500.00


               Total in accounts   16/11/12 C/A   £1,374.91

                                                           D/A   £3,288.33

                                Scottish Widows Acc   £12844.28


9. Correspondence:

1. Full Register of Electors. Copies distributed toCouncillors and signed for.

2. Letter of thanks from Mr J. Hughes-Jones.

3. Conwy CBC, Head of Highways letter re. Scooters and bicycles, Top Llan Road - noted.

4. Email from PCSO re. Scooters, Top Llan Road – noted.

5. Email from PCSO re. Dugouts, Glan Conwy Football Pitch – Matter to be referred to Sports Association.

6. Letter of thanks from Glan Conwy Old People’s Welfare Committee.

7. Email GC Community Action Group thanking the Community Council for donation.

8. Invitation to Conwy CB Sports Awards, 23rd November, 2012 – Apologies from Chairman,  Cllr Ms Rogers & Cllr D. Rees to attend.

9. Boundary Commission for Wales - Revised Proposals for Parliamentary Constituencies.

10.  Letter of thanks from The Poppy Appeal.

11.  Janet Finch-Saunders AM requesting contact information of Councillors-  form to be sent.

12.  Notice of Road Closure 21-23/11/12, B5381 junction of Bryn Rhys to Glan Conwy Footpath.

13.  Request from Library Development Officer for contact information re consultation on
possible changes to the Mobile Library and Homes Library Service.  Details
to be sent.

14.  NW Fire and Rescue Authority consultation document - Chairman to complete survey.

15.  Funding Applications:

a) North Wales Deaf Association, request for
donation.  Cllr ap.Huw Humphreys declared
and interest and did not take part in the discussion, £50.00 Agreed.   

b) Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod – Not within parameters.

c) Denbighshire and District National Eisteddfod request
for support Not within parameters.  

d) Nant Conwy Day Club request for further funding. The
Chairman and Cllr Ms Rogers declared an interest in the matter and did not
vote. Donation of £1,000 agreed.

e) Glan Conwy Sports Association request for assistance
with repairs, maintenance and equipment. Donation of £2,500.00 agreed, in line with
Minute 2011/12.3:4.1.

10.  County Councillor’s Report:
 Cllr.G.Rees distributed information dealing with the following matters:
LDP    Cycle Route 
Budget/Council Tax 2013/14   
The Corporate Plan 2012- 2017
Welfare Reforms Act.
Cllr G. Rees referred to a forthcoming meeting in December
with Sustrans to discuss the Glan Conwy walking and cycling link to Conwy and
stated that the existing feasibility study would be updated prior to the meeting.  Reference was also made to the Budget/Council
Tax 2013/14 and the impact the Welfare Reform Bill may have on local
11. Local Matters:

1. Cllr. Cunnah stated that the fence by the school gate was collapsing
onto the pavement and he had concerns re exposed nails and the possibility that
it may fall.

2. Cllr.Ms Rogers referred to a letter she had received for the
Community Council.  It was from a local
person who was keen to remain living in the area but was currently submitting
proposals for planning permission.  Members noted the letter but did not give
any further consideration to the matter pending a planning application.

3. Cllr. Mrs. Evans asked that the Christmas Lights be organised for
the first week in December.  Cllr Ms
Rogers enquired if a Christmas tree would be part of the display; however,
funding had been allocated for lights only. 
All local matters were approved and the Clerk will follow up those that need attention.
Date of next meeting   December 18th, 2012  7.00    Finance Sub-Committee
                                                                        7.30  General Meeting

Planning Applications:

0/39333           Installation of an 11kv overhead line, Coed Dolwyd Service Reservoir

0/39308           Display of 1 no. internally illuminated fascia sign, Black Cat Garage

0/39376           Erection of Control Cabinet and alterations to position of
site security fence and gates and to the surfacing materials of a section of
internal site access road, Coed Dolwyd, Glan Conwy. 

There were no objections to the applications.




Cofnodion o’r Cyfarfod 13/11/2012


Cyng.Mrs.S.Edmondson, Cyng.C.P.Barton, Cyng.H.Cunnah,
Cyng.Mrs.C.Evans, Cyng.O.Evans-Jones, Cyng.A.ap Huw, Cyng.Mrs.A.Parry,
Cyng.D.Rees, Cyng.Ms.P.Rogers, Cyng.J.Spicer, Cyng.D.Worsley, Cyng.G.Rees

Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess, SCCH, RhRhG
3. Diddymu’r
Rheolau Statudol Cytunwyd
Estynodd y Cadeirydd groeso i Jill Roberts a Hayden Davies o
Ddŵr Cymru i’r cyfarfod. Dywedodd Jill Robertsd fod y gwaith yn mynd ‘mlaen fel
y disgwyl a bod y lorïau concrid ond yn danfon unwaith yr wythnos rhwng 9:30 â
3. Mae’r gwaith o osod y bibell o’r safle at yr arhosfa wrth Green Seats yn
mynd rhagddo. Gofynnodd Cyng.Mrs.Parry pam, ar ôl ymgynghoriad, fod mynediad
i’r safle wedi newid i ganiatáu i lorïau ddefnyddio’r B5381 at Sarn-y-Mynach. Atebodd
Jill Roberts fod y newidiadau am fod materion oedd yn effeithio ar ysgolion
cynradd lleol. Roedd y lorïau’n cael eu monitro’n rheolaidd parthed yr
amseroedd a’r defnydd o’r ffyrdd priodol. Dywedwyd y byddai ymateb trigolion
parthed y lorïau’n ddefnyddiol iawn er mwyn sicrhau fod y contractwr yn dilyn y
drefn iawn  a gofynnodd Jill  am i rif cofrestru’r  lorïau oedd yn troseddu i’w gyrru iddi er
mwyn iddi ymchwilio. Dywedwyd y bydd y cylchlythyr misol yn dod yn ychwanegol
i’r cyngor  ac fe drefnir ymweliad â’r
safle yn y Gwanwyn.
  Diolchwyd i’r cynrychiolwyr am eu presenoldeb ac am ateb cwestiynau.
4. Ail-sefydlu’rRheolau Statudol
5. Cofnodion:

Cytunwyd ar gofnodion y cyfarfod blaenorol (16/10/2012) ar ôl newid y
dyddiad parthed 8.1 2013/14
6. Materion yn Codi o’r Cofnodion:

1    2011/12-4:1 B5381 Bryn-y-Maen -
Dywedodd Cyng.Mrs.Parry mai hi a dim Cyng.Mrs.Evans oedd wedi mynegi pryder ac
mai’r lon oedd hi wedi crybwyll oedd y B5381 o gyfeiriad Bryn-y-Maen at Sarn y

2. .
2011/12.7:10.2 Y Gymdeithas Chwaraeon – ymddiswyddiad Cyng.Mrs.Evans fel cynrychiolydd am resymau teuluol.
Cytunwyd i Cyng.D.Rees gael ei ethol fel cynrychiolydd o’r Cyngor Cymuned.

3. 2012/12.6:9.7
Sialens Gyfoed Cynllunio - nodwyd fod Cyng.Ms.Rogers â Cyng.G.Rees (CBS
Conwy) wedi mynychu’r cyfarfod ar 13/11/12

4.   2012/12.6:8.1 Mandad Banc, Scottish Widows
a bancio ar y we - Cyng.D.Rees i ymweld â’r banc parthed y mandad. Rhybudd
oddi wrth Scottish Widows fod y llog am 
ostwng yn Ionawr, awgrymwyd fod y clerc yn ymholi parthed cynlluniau
safio eraill â thelerau llog.

5.   2012/13.6:9.10 Partneriaeth Wledig Conwy
-  Gwahoddiad eto i Robin Gwilym fynychu

7. Canlyniadau Ceisiadau Cynllunio:

            0/39147           8. Parc Derwen                                           Dirprwyedig        Caniatawyd

            0/39151           Holmwood, 4,Ffordd Las Bridge                 Dirprwyedig        Caniatawyd

            0/39157           Garej Black Cat                                          Dirprwyedig      Caniatawyd

            0/39231           Newidiadau i'r caniatâd, Plot 18,Tal y Fan  Dirprwyedig      Tynnu’n ôl
8. Cyllid:
I Mewn:

                     o’r C/C i C/Rh                                      £3750.00                    


A.P.Payne                                                                   £170.00

Cymdeithas y Byddar Gweler 9.15 isod                       £50.00

Clwb Nant Conwy      Gweler 9.15 isod                     £1000.00

Cronfa’r Cadeirydd                                                    £25.00

Y Gymdeithas Chwaraeon     Gweler 9.15 isod         £2500.00

              Cyfanswm 16/11/12  C/Cyfredol    £1374.91

                                             C/Cadw          £3288.33

                            Cyfrif Scottish Widows    £12844.28

9. Gohebiaeth:
1. Dosbarthwyd copïau o Restr yr Etholwyr i bawb.

2. Mr. J.Hughes-Jones yn diolch am ei rodd.

3. Pennaeth Priffyrdd CBS Conwy parthed sgwteri a beics ar Top Llan.

4. E-bost gan SCCH parthed 9.3 uchod.

5. E-bost gan SCCH parthed le’r rheolwyr yng Nghae Ffwt. Y mater i’w yrru ‘mlaen i’r
Gymdeithas Chwaraeon.

6. Pwyllgor yr Henoed yn diolch am y rhodd..

7. Grŵp Gweithredu’r Llan yn diolch am y rhodd.

8. Gwahoddiad i Noson Gwobrwyo Chwaraeon CBS Conwy ar 23/11/12 - y Cadeirydd yn ymddiheuro,
Cyng.Ms.Rogers a Cyng. D.Rees i fynychu..

9. Comisiwn Ffiniau Cymru parthed cynigion diwygiedig ar gyfer Etholaethau Seneddol.

10. Apêl y Pabi’n diolch am y rhodd.

11. Janet Finch-Saunders yn gofyn am fanylion cysylltu’r cynghorwyr – ffurflen i’w hanfon.

12.Rhybudd o gau ffordd B5381 rhwng Ffordd Bryn Rhys a’r Llwybr i’r Llan rhwng 21/23 Tachwedd, 2012.

13.Cais oddi wrth Adran Llyfrgelloedd CBS Conwy am fanylion cyswllt parthed ymgynghoriad i,
efallai, newidiadau yn y Llyfrgell Symudol â’r Gwasanaeth Cartref. Gyrrir y manylion..

14.Gwasanaeth Tân ac Achub Gogledd Cymru  gyda holeb. Y Cadeirydd i’w llenwi.

15.Llythyrau parthed rhoddion:

a) Cymdeithas y Byddar, Gogledd Cymru. Mynegodd Cyng. ap Huw Humphreys ddiddordeb ac na
chymerodd ran yn y drafodaeth. Cytunwyd ar £50.00 o rodd..    

b) Eisteddfod Ryngwladol Llangollen - ddim o fewn y rheolau.

c) Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Dinbych â’r Cylch - ddim o fewn y rheolau.

ch) Clwb Nant Conwy – mynegodd y Cadeirydd â Cyng.Ms.Rogers ddiddordeb a pheidio pleidleisio.
Cytunwyd ar rodd o £1000.00

d) Cymdeithas Chwaraeon y Llan yn gofyn am gymorth i atgyweirio, drwsio ac archebu offer.
Rhodd o £2500.00 yn dilyn cofnod 2011/12.3:4.1
10. Adroddiad y Cynghorydd Sirol:
Dosbarthodd Cyng.G.Rees wybodaeth am y materion isod:

CDLl  Cyllideb/Treth Cyngor 2013/14   Cynllun Corfforaethol 2012-17  Deddf  Diwygio Lles          

Cyfeiriodd Cyng.G.Rees at gyfarfod yn Rhagfyr gyda Sustrans
i drafod y cyswllt cerdded a beicio rhwng y Llan â Chonwy ac y bydd yr
adroddiad dichonolrwydd presennol yn cael ei ddiwygio cyn hyn. Cyfeiriodd hefyd
ar y Gyllideb/Treth Cyngor 2013/14 a phosibilrwydd  effaith 
Ddeddf  Diwygio Lles ar y
11.Materion Lleol:

Cyng. Cunnah fod y ffens wrth giât yr ysgol wedi dymchwel a bod hoelion yn

2. Soniodd
Cyng. Cyng.Ms.Rogers am lythyr i’r Cyngor oedd hi wedi ei dderbyn oddi wrth
unigolyn oedd yn awyddus i ddal i fyw yn y gymdogaeth ond oedd ar hyn o bryd yn
gwneud cais cynllunio. Nodwyd derbyn y llythyr ond ni thrafodir y mater nes
derbyn y cais oddi wrth CBS Conwy.

3. Gofynnodd
Cyng.Mrs.Evans i drefniadau'r Goleuadau Nadolig gael eu gwneud yn yr wythnos
gyntaf yn Rhagfyr. Gofynnodd Cyng.Ms.Rogers a oedd coeden Nadolig yn rhan o’r
trefniant ond fe ddywedwyd fod cyllid wedi ei wario ar oleuadau’n barod.
Cytunwyd ar holl o’r materion lleol ac fe fydd y Clerc yn delio a’r materion sydd angen sylw.
Dyddiad y cyfarfod nesaf – Rhagfyr 18fed             7:00    Is-bwyllgor Cyllid      

7:30   Cyfarfod Cyffredinol
Ceisiadau Cynllunio:
0/39333           Gosod llinell 1kv ar gyfer Cronfa Coed Dolwyd

0/39308           Arwydd hysbysu yng ngarej Black Cat

0/39376           Codi Cabinet rheoli a newidiadau i leoliad ffens diogelwch a giatiau a hefyd i ddefnydd rhoi wyneb i ffordd at y
gwaith yng Nghoed Dolwyd

Doedd dim gwrthwynebiad i’r ceisiadau.

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