Minutes of Council Meeting 31/07/2012

l. Present:

Cllr.Mrs.S.Edmondson, Cllr.Mrs.A.Parry, Cllr.Mrs.C.Evans, Cllr.O.Evans-Jones,
Cllr.Ms.P.Rogers, Cllr.A.ap Huw, Cllr.D.Rees, Cllr.C.P.Barton, Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess,
Cllr.J.Spicer, Cllr.D.Worsley, Conwy C.B.Cllr. G.Rees

No one had applied to Conwy CBC re vacancy so the council
can now go ahead and co-opt. Councillors were reminded that they can approach
people to encourage them to apply. Adverts will appear around the village and
news items in the NWWN and the Pioneer.
2. Apologies:

All councillors were present
Standing Orders were suspended to permit the PCSO to speak.

Mrs.Buerdsellreported on the following matters:

Speeding in Dolwyd – the culprit has not been caught yet;

Mini-motors riding on public highway and on Ty Du land – this caused concern as the rider was not wearing ahelmet and was carrying children as passengers;

Damage to buildings on the Cae Ffwt Ind. Est.;

Theft from the reservoir site at Dolwyd Woods;

Farm Watch– it is hoped to call a meeting to co-ordinate the project;

Children riding scooters at the Maeshyfryd/Top Llan junction have been spoken to;

Following  a survey, the traffic was below the criteriato justify the ‘Go Safe’ team to visit the area.

Standing Orders were reinstated.
3. Minutes:

The minutes of the last meeting (26/06/2011) were approved
4. Matters Arising:

1. 2010/11.7:10.2 Sports Association – The
result of the WREN Grant application was expected shortly and a committee
meeting was to be held later in the week. The Association will support the Glan
Conwy Fest on August 4th.

2. 2011/12.1:10.5 Glan in Bloom –there were 28 entries (19 dwellings) and the
judges were very impressed with the expertise shown by all competitors. Letter
of thanks received from the ‘flower garden’ winner. Suggestions were made for
future consideration –

a banner erected in a prominent place in the village to advertise the event;

Previous winners to act as judges – to encourage ‘new’ entries

3. 2012/13.2:10.2 Llwybr y Nant – Matter reported again and by Cllr.G.Rees.

4. 2011/12-7:10.3 Flag Pole – the boss on one pole has been replaced.

5. 2012/13.3:10.3 Road Signs – request passed on to the relevant department.

6. 2012/13.3:10.4 Acre Field Gate – padlock removed.

7. 2012/13.3:10.5 Path 33 (Felin Isaf) – reply received from the relevant department.

8. 2012/13.3:10.6 Road Verge at Moreia - .matter passed on to the relevant department

9. 2012/13.3:10.7 – Inspection Chamber cover – Site meeting held with John Edwards. The grid will receive attention.
5. Planning Outcomes:

            0/38916           18, Top Llan Road                  Approved

6. Finance:    


Conwy CBC re Summer Play Scheme                       £1026.00

Zurich Municipal                                                         £506.19

UHY Hacker Young                                                   £162.00

Chairman’s Fund (DJR)                                              £15.00

                             Total in accounts 31/07/12 C/A  £1308.51

                                                                       D/A  £3037.52

                                          Scottish Widows Acc  £12844.28

7. Correspondence:

1. Conwy CBC
Standards Committee re Training on Code of Conduct. Cllrs Rees and ap Huw will attend the meeting at Llanrwst on Sept 20th.

2. Ysgol Glan Conwy Bike It Council re Skate Park. The council will reply giving the latest information that is available.

3. Conwy CBC re resurfacing on Top Llan etc – dates to be as follow:

Top Llan                      05/09 for 4 days including closure on Sat 08/09

Tyn y  Celyn               06/09

Moel Eilio                   05/09

Ffordd Naddyn.         06/09

Parc Derwen Junction 04/09  

4. More letters of thanks for the trip.

However, the PCSO has been told not to run a similar trip in the future. A letter was sent to the Inspector
asking for a reason and a bland reply received. Following a discussion, it was agreed that a formal letter of complaint re the Inspector’s reply be sent to the Chief Constable.

5. Welsh Government re ‘Removal of “two signatures” rule’.

6. Welsh Government re ‘The Good Councillor’s Guide 2012’ – eight copies were distributed and five more are on order.

7. Glan Conwy Football Club thanking for the donation towards Glan Conwy Fest.

8. Conwy CBC re ‘Queen Elizabeth ll Fields Challenge’. Contact to be made with Cartrefi Conwy re Pentrefelin Green as a suggestion.


1.      Gŵyl Gerdd Dant 2012 – Venue Cymru– no balance sheet but list of costing

2.      NSPCC – Childline

3.      Shelter Cymru

These applications were left on the table.
8 & 9: County Councillor’s Report:
Cllr.G.Rees distributed information dealing with the following matters:

LDP    Ward Audit   Tidy Towns    Weed Spraying          Cae Ffwt Pavilion  Ffordd Naddyn Pavements

Cllr.Evans-Jones asked for an update on the pedestrian crossing in the village. He couldn’t understand how
Llanrwst had got two crossings recently and Llan still awaited one. Cllr.G.Rees
explained that progress was slow. Cllr.Worsley will contact Janet
Finch-Saunders, the AM, to get things moving.
10. Local Matters:

1. Cllr.Barton had reported that the drain by Nant yr Efail on Ty Du Road was blocked.

2.  Cllr.Ms.Rogers asked that numerous footpaths in the area could receive attention. Following a discussion
it was agreed that enquiries would be made with Conwy CBC Legal Dept as to who
had the correct responsibility for this matter.

3. Cllr.Ms.Rogers expressed disappointment about the state of the bank in Acre Field. It needed attention.

4. Cllr.Ms.Rogers expressed concern as to the state of the flower
beds/boxes in the village. An ‘expert’ contacted on this had expressed his
opinion that they were thriving. Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess offered liquid from
her wormery to revitalise any beds/boxes.

5. Cllr.ap Huw mentioned that the gates at either end of the path
across the Maes at Bryn Rhys (Path 7) were almost impassable. (See point 2
above re response.)

6. Cllr.Mrs.Evans asked about the street operative’s routine. He only has one day a week in the village at present.

7. Cllr.Spicer wished to express his gratitude to the way that John
Edwards of the Highway Dept. had responded to a call re flooding at Graig.

8. Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess asked that if ragwort was spotted,
councillors should cut and dispose it.

9. Cllr.Worsley mentioned that he had noticed that the new cemetery was
overgrown – not the grass as much as other growth in and around graves.

10. Cllr.Evans-Jones asked for an update on the railings on the wall at the West End.

11. Cllr.Evans-Jones expressed concern re the smell at the Ganol Works recently.

12. Cllr.Rees explained the situation re the culvert behind his property blocking during the recent heavy rains. Cllr.Ms. Rogers will forward a phone contact number to Cllr.Rees that might help to alleviate the situation.

All local matters were approved and the Clerk will follow up those that need attention.


Post of Clerk:

The Clerk gave an update on the situation. No one had applied. Local Clerks were e-mailed but with no responses.

It was agreed to place an advert in the Pioneer that included ‘An ability to work through the
medium of both Welsh and English is preferable.’ and also ‘Salary will be commensurate with

The minimum wage for the post is £8.35 but it was agreed to
start at £8.50 for 20 hours a month. If no competent Welsh person applied, John
Hughes-Jones said that he would be willing to translate written documents for a
fee. There are usually about 1000 words per set of minutes. The following will
make up the interview panel – Chairman, Vice-Chair, Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter Burgess
and Cllr.Spicer. The council gave the panel permission to appoint and to
discuss salary.

Date of next meeting   September 4th, 2012 at 7:30  General Meeting

Planning Applications:
0/38992 Pennant, Garth Road – dealt with by the Chairman
0/39042 Millfield House

0/39057 35, Tal y Fan
There were no objections or observations on the applications.



Cofnodion o’r Cyfarfod 31/07/2012


Mrs.S.Edmondson, Mrs.A.Parry, Cyng.Mrs.C.Evans,
Cyng.O.Evans-Jones, Cyng.Ms.P.Rogers, Cyng.A.ap Huw, Cyng.C.P.Barton, Cyng.D.Rees,
Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess, Cyng.J.Spicer

Cyng.D.Worsley, Cllr G.Rees (CBSConwy)
Sedd Wâg:

Doedd dim cais wedi ei wneud i GBS Conwy felly mae’r hawl
gan y cyngor i gyfethol. Atgoffwyd y cynghorwyr y cant geisio perswadio pobl i
geisio am y swydd. Bydd hysbysebion yn ymddangos yn y Llan ac fel darnau o
newyddion yn y NWWN â’r Pioneer.

Roedd pawb yn bresennol
Diddymwyd y rheolau Statudol i ganiatáu i’r SCCH gael rhoi

Soniodd Mrs.Buerdsell am y materion isod:

            Gyrru yn
Nolwyd – hyd yma nid yw’r troseddwr wedi ei ddal;

Beiciau modur bychain ar
briffyrdd ac ar dir Tŷ Du - roedd yn achosi pryder gan nad yw’r gyrrwr yn
gwisgo helmed ac mae’n cario plant;

            Difrod i
adeiladau ar Stad Ddiwydiannol Cae Ffwt;

            Dwyn o
safle’r gronfa yng Nghoedwig Dolwyd.

Ffermydd - gobeithir galw cyfarfod i gydlynu’r prosiect;

            Plant yn
reidio sgwtyrs wrth Faeshyfryd/Top Llan wedi derbyn cyngor;

Yn dilyn ymchwiliad, nid oes
digon o dystiolaeth o yrru i gyfiawnhau ymweliad i’r Llan gan ‘Gan Bwyll’.

Fe ail sefydlwyd y Rheolau Statudol
3. Cofnodion:

Cytunwyd ar gofnodion y cyfarfod blaenorol (26/06/2011).
4. Materion yn
Codi o’r Cofnodion:

1. 2010/11.7:10.2
Y Gymdeithas Chwaraeon – Bydd canlyniad cais am grant gan WREN yn hysbys yn
fuan a bydd cyfarfod o’r pwyllgor yn hwyrach yn yr wythnos. Bydd y Gymdeithas
yn cefnogi Ffest Glan Conwy ar Awst 4ydd.

2. 2011/12.1:10.5
Glan Mewn Blodau - Roedd 28 ymgeisydd (19 annedd) ac roedd y beirniaid yn
brolio’r safon uchel. Enillydd yr ‘ardd flodau’ wedi cysylltu i ddiolch am ei
gwobr. Gwnaethpwyd awgrymiadau ar gyfer gŵyl i’r dyfodol – codi baner yng
nghanol y Llan i hysbysebu’r digwyddiad; defnyddio enillwyr eleni i feirniadu y
flwyddyn nesa er mwyn rhoi cyfle i eraill.

3. 2012/13.2:10.2 Llwybr y Nant –Y mater
wedi ei basio ‘mlaen eto â gan Cyng.G.Rees.

4. 2011/12-7:10.3  Polion Fflag - Y
belen ar ben un polyn wedi ei hail osod.

5. 2012/13.3:10.3 Arwyddion Ffordd – y
cais wedi mynd i’r adran briodol.

6. 2012/13.3:10.4 Giât Acre Field -  y clo wedi ei dorri i ffwrdd.

7. 2012/13.3:10.5 Llwybr 33 (Felin Isaf) ateb
i law o’r adran briodol.

8. 2012/13.3:10.6 Ochr y Ffordd wrth Moreia
- y mater wedi mynd i’r adran briodol

9. 2012/13.3:10.7 – Caead Grid – Cynhaliwyd
cyfarfod gyda John Edwards. Fe fydd yn trefnu i wneud y gwaith.

5. Canlyniadau Ceisiadau Cynllunio:

            0/38916           18, Ffordd Top Llan               Caniatawyd

6. Cyllid:

CBS Conwy - Cynllun Chwaraeon                            £1026.00

Zurich Municipal                                                         £506.19

UHY Hacker Young                                                   £162.00

Cronfa’r Cadeirydd (DJR)                                         £15.00

                       Cyfanswm 31/07/12  C/Cyfredol    £1308.51

                                                       C/Cadw          £3037.52

                                  Cyfrif Scottish Widows    £12844.28                  

7. Gohebiaeth:
1. Pwyllgor
Safonau CBS Conwy parthed hyfforddiant. Cyng’wyr Rees ac ap Huw am fynych
cyfarfod yn Llanrwst ar Fedi 20fed.

2. Cyngor
Beicio Ysgol Glan Conwy parthed parc sglefrio. Y Cyngor wedi ymateb trwy roi’r
wybodaeth ddiweddaraf sydd i law.

3. CBS Conwy
parthed gwaith ffyrdd yn y Llan:

Top Llan                          05/09 am 4 dydd gyda chau’r Ffordd ar y
Sadwrn 08/09

Tyn y Celyn                    06/09

Moel Eilio                       05/09

Ffordd Naddyn             

Parc Derwen (y
fynedfa) 04/09.

4. Rhagor o
lythyrau’n diolch am y trip.

      Ni chaniateir i’r SCCH drefnu trip yn y
dyfodol. Anfonwyd llythyr at yr Arolygwr i ofyn pam ac fe dderbyniwyd atebiad
plaen. Yn dilyn trafodaeth, cytunwyd i anfon llythyr o gŵyn at y Prif Gwnstabl
i gwyno am ansawdd atebiad yr Arolygwr.

5. Llywodraeth Cymru parthed
‘dileu “rheol dau lofnod”.

6. Llywodraeth Cymru parthed ‘Canllaw’r Cynghorydd Da 2012’ - dosbarthwyd with ac
mae pump arall wedi eu harchebu.

7. Clwb Pêl
Droed y Llan yn diolch am y nawdd at Ŵyl Glan Conwy.

8. CBS Conwy
parthed ‘Her Meysydd Brenhines Elizabeth II’. Gwneir cysylltiad gyda Cartrefi
Conwy parthed enwebu’r lawnt ym Mhentrefelin.

            Ceisiadau am nawdd:

1.      Gŵyl
Gerdd Dant Conwy 2012 -rhestr o’r costau yn unig.

2.      Cymdeithas Genedlaethol Er Atal Creulondeb
i Blant – Childline

3.      Shelter Cymru.

Gadawyd y ceisiadau ar y bwrdd.

8 & 9. Adroddiad y Cynghorydd Sirol:
Dosbarthodd Cyng.G.Rees wybodaeth am y materion isod:

CDLl  Archwiliad Ward      Trefi Taclus   Chwistrellu
Chwyn   Pafiliwn Cae Ffwt

Palmentydd Ffordd Naddyn

Gofynnodd Cyng.Evans-Jones am ddiweddariad ar gael mannau
croesi Ffordd yn y Llan. Ni allay ddeall sut oedd Llanrwst wedi cael dau a’r
Llan yn dal i ddisgwyl am un. Esboniodd Cyng.G.Rees fod cynnydd yn araf. Dywedodd
Cyng.Worsley ei fod am atgoffa Janet Finch-Saunders (AC) o hyn.
10.Materion Lleol:

1. Roedd
Cyng.Barton wedi sôn fod y draen wrth Nant yr Efail ar Ffordd Tŷ Du wedi cau.

2. Gofynnodd
Cyng.Ms.Rogers am i nifer o lwybrau cyhoeddus gael eu tacluso. Yn dilyn
trafodaeth, penderfynwyd gofyn am gyngor gan adran gyfreithiol CBS Conwy ar y
dull priodol o ddelio â llwybrau.

3. Mynegodd
Cyng.Ms.Rogers siom am gyflwr y tir yn Acre Field ar ôl i’r gwaith twtio
ddigwydd. Mae angen sylw.

4. Mynegodd
Cyng.Ms.Rogers siom am gyflwr rhai o’r gwelâu/bocsys blodau yn y Llan. Roedd
arbenigwr wedi datgan eu bod yn ffynnu. Soniodd Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess fod
ganddi ddigonedd o ddŵr abwydfa ar gael i adnewyddu’r gwlâu.

5. Soniodd
Cyng.ap Huw fod angen rhoi sylw i’r ardal o gwmpas y giatiau nail ben i Lwybr y
Maes (Llwybr 7). (Gweler pwynt 2 uchod).

6. Gofynnodd
Cyng.Mrs.Evans beth oedd trefn gwaith y glanhawr stryd. Dim ond un dydd yr
wythnos mae yn y Llan nawr.

7. Dymunai
Cyng.Spicer ddangos ei ddiolch i John Edwards, Adran Priffyrdd Llanrwst, am ei
ymateb i alwad o lifogydd yn y Graig yn ddiweddar.

8. Gofynnodd
Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess am i gynghorwyr dorri a chael gwared â llysiau’r
gingroen os gwelant beth.

9. Soniodd
Cyng.Worsley ei fod wedi sylwi ar gyflwr y fynwent newydd – roedd tyfiant
eithriadol , dim glaswellt ond tyfiant ar ac o gwmpas y beddau.

Cyng.Evans-Jones am ddiweddariad parthed y rheiliau ar y wal yn West End.

Cyng.Evans-Jones breeder parthed yr arogl cas oedd yn dod o’r gwaith yn y

Cyng.Rees y sefyllfa parthed y geuffos y tu ôl i’w dŷ oedd yn blocio yn ystod
glaw trymion yn ddiweddar. Bydd Cyng.Ms.Rogers yn gadael iddo dderbyn rhif ffôn
a fydd o ddefnydd iddo mewn sefyllfa debyg yn y dyfodol.

Cytunwyd ar holl o’r materion
lleol ac fe fydd y Clerc yn delio a’r materion sydd angen sylw.


Swydd y Clerc:

Rhoddodd y Clerc adroddiad o’r sefyllfa ar hyn o bryd. Neb wedi ceisio am y
swydd. Y clercod cyfagos wedi derbyn e-bost ond neb wedi ymateb. Cytunwyd i roi
hysbysiad yn y Pioneer fyddai’n cynnwys ‘Mae’r gallu i weithio drwy’r
Gymraeg â’r Saesneg yn fantais.’ A
hefyd ‘Mae’r cyflog yn dibynnu ar
brofiad’. Isafswm cyflog am y swydd
yw £8.35 yr awr ond cytunwyd ar dalu £8.50 am 20 awr y mis. Os nad oedd Cymro
cymwys yn ymgeisio, dywedodd John Hughes-Jones y byddai’n fodlon cyfieithu
dogfennau ysgrifenedig am bris. Fel arfer mae tua mil o eiriau mewn un set o
gofnodion. Bydd y Cadeirydd, yr Is-gadeirydd, Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess a
Cyng.Spicer yn cynnal cyfweliadau. Rhoddwyd hawl i’r panel benodi ac i drafod


Dyddiad y cyfarfod nesaf – Medi 4ydd  am 7:30 
 Cyfarfod Cyffredinol
Ceisiadau Cynllunio:
0/38992 Pennant, Garth Road – Y Cadeirydd wedi delio a’r cais
0/39042 Millfield House
0/39057 35, Tal y Fan
Doedd dim sylwadau na gwrthwynebiad i’r ceisiadau.

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