Minutes of Council Meeting 24/01/2012

l. Present:Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess, Cllr.Mrs.A.Parry, Cllr.Mrs.S.Edmondson, Cllr.Mrs.C.Evans, Cllr.Mrs.P.Rogers, Cllr.T.S.Buckley, Cllr.D.J.Rees, Cllr.J.Spicer, Cllr.D.Worsley, Cllr.G.Rees (Conwy C.B.)

2. Apologies:  Cllr.C.P.Barton, Cllr.O.Evans-Jones, Cllr.D.Pritchard,

3. Minutes:  The minutes of the last meeting (13/12/2011) were approved.

4. Matters Arising:

1. 2010/11.7:10.2 Sports Association –

2. 2010/11.8:10.1 Memorial Crosses –Awaiting additional cost of cenotaph.

3. 2011/12.1:10.5 Glan in Bloom – 5 categories with up to £200 in prizes. The competition to be held before the end of the Summer Term.

4. Christmas Tree/Lights – Supplier offering 30% off – it was agreed to purchase more lights up to the value of £500.00

5. 2011/12-5:7.11 Handrail, Llwybr y Gerddi –Conwy CBC awaiting quote – the council will consider match funding once figures are to hand.

6. 2011/12-7:10.2 Local Matters – reported to the relevant authorities. It was reported that there are still several potholes on Ffordd Trallwyn by |Trallwyn and Maerdir.

7. 2011/12-7:10.3 Flagpole – Details of the one purchased by Eglwysbach were received. The total cost for one pole was £457.00 + VAT. It was decided to purchase one pole now and to use part of the allocation for the Jubilee Celebrations to purchase another. (See  a-8 below)

8 Charter – reply to hand re spending. The council would not be expected to take on a project if it had not included it in that year’s precept.

9. Memorial Hall - Contact was made with Gareth Peters, Estate Dept. who will keep the council informed when progress is made.

10.Jubilee Celebrations – this was discussed under 6a below.
5. Planning Outcomes:

            0/38334           Y Bryn                        Ok

            0/38406           7 Maeshyfryd              Ok

            0/38388           Tal Goed                     Ok      
6. Finance:
            a) Finance Sub-committee Report:

1. Election costs £4500

2. Christmas Lights 30% discount – a sum of £500.00 was allocated
towards purchasing more lights (see 4.4 above)

3. Flagpole                                          £457 + VAT each

4. Bus Shelters – 5 in the village         £1250  It was agreed to be part of the scheme

5. Road Naming                                  £440

6. Charity donations – max o £12648!

7. Borrowing – Welsh Gov. Letter

8. Jubilee Celebrations – it was decided to ring fence £2000 towards the celebrations (to include a second flag pole)

9. Glan In Bloom – 5 categories with up to £200 for prizes. (See 4.3 above)

10. Following a discussion, it was agreed to ring fence an expenditure during the next financial year for the benefit of the youths of the village, on approval of any application,.

11. Investment – Scottish Widows – it was decided to invest in a ‘7 day Notice’ account giving 1.6% interest.

Following a prolonged discussion and several votes, the final vote was in favour of setting the precept at £20,000.00
b) In:

              3rd Precept                                                                   £4168.00

             Total in accounts 24/10/12 C/A £ 1552.18                                                                                                                                                                              D/A £7535.82
                        Scottish Widows Acc. £12820.14


7. Correspondence:

1. CBC/T&CC Forum Meeting.

2. Conwy CBC re ‘changes to LDP sites’.

3. CVSC re ‘Conwy Community Facilities Brochure’. This was left on the table.

4. Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales Final Report – on the table.

5. Consultation by Welsh Gov. to alter date of local government elections in Wales – 3 proposed changes.

6. CVSG re ‘Grant Surgeries’.

7. Scout HQ Management Committee thanking for the donation.

8. N Wales Deaf Association thanking for the donation.

9. Kidney Wales re ‘Organ Donation – info on table.

10. Four letters asking for a skate/bike park in the village and a crossing for the A470. The council will respond stating that many efforts to site a crossing have not succeeded but that the council is still pursuing the matter and offers support to others that are also with the same objective. The placing of a temporary skate ramp is on the agenda of the next Sports Association meeting.

11. Emily Watson thanking for the donation.

8 & 9: County Councillor’s Report:  Cllr.Rees circulated his report dealing with:

LDP    Draft Conwy CBC Budget  Rural Roads
10. Local Matters:
1.     Resignation of the Clerk – the Chairman gave a report. It was agreed to proceed with creating an advert at the July meeting.

2.     Cllr.Barton had asked for the land by TNT to be cleared – this had been attended to before the meeting.

3.     Cllr.Buckley stated that there was a car parked on the yellow lines/pavement by the notice board that is causing problems.

4.     Cllr.Mrs.Evans reported that a street sign at the junction of Tal y Fan and the second Ffordd Naddyn junction had Cader Idris wrongly spelt.

5.     Cllr.Mrs.Evans stated that the Rector would be leaving the village after her final service on February 19th. It was agreed that a letter be sent thanking her for her services to the village and to wish her well in Colwyn Bay.

6.     Cllr.Worsley reported that the pole holding a ‘road narrows’ sign opposite his house was in need of attention.

7.     Cllr.Ms.Rogers asked that another letter be sent to Bob Saxby re the lack of shelter at Trinity Church, Llandudno.

8. Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess had received complaints that the last bus into the village was not late enough for those who were attending recreational activities to get home.  

9.     Cllr.Mrs.Edmondson asked that the Parks Dept be told of the collapsed fence at the top of Llwybr y Gerddi and
that the overgrowth on the land needs attention.
All local matters were approved and the Clerk will follow up those that need attention.
Date of next meeting:    March 6th, 2012      General Meeting (7:30)
Planning Applications:
0/38499           Llais yr Afon  dealt with by Chair

0/38505           SP Power dealt with by Chair
0/38541           Dŵr Cymru 
No objection or observation on the above application.





Cofnodion o’r Cyfarfod 24/01/2012

Presennol: Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess, Cyng.Mrs.A.Parry, Cyng.Mrs.S.Edmondson, Cyng.Mrs.C.Evans, Cyng.Mrs.P.Rogers,  Cyng.D.J.Rees, Cyng.J.Spicer, Cyng.T.S.Buckley, Cyng.D.Worsley, Cyng.G.Rees (CBS Conwy)

2.Ymddiheuriadau: Cyng.C.P.Barton, Cyng.O.Evans-Jones, Cyng.D.Pritchard,
3. Cofnodion: Cytunwyd ar gofnodion y cyfarfod blaenorol (13/12/2011).

4.Materion yn Codi o’r Cofnodion: 2010/11.7:10.2 Y Gymdeithas Chwaraeon.

2. 2010/11.8:10.1 Cerrig Coffa’r Fynwent – Dal i ddisgwyl  pris am y gofgolofn.

3. 2011/12.1:10.5 Glan Mewn Blodau – 5 categori gyda hyd at £200 mewn gwobrau. Bydd angen i’r gystadleuaeth fod cyn diwedd tymor yr Haf.

4. Y Goeden Nadolig/Goleuadau - Y cyflenwr yn cynnig gostyngiad o 30%  - cytunwyd i archebu rhagor o oleuadau hyd at wariant o £500.00

5. 2011/12-5:7.11. Canllaw Llwybr y Gerddi - CBS Conwy yn disgwyl prisiad am y gwaith - bydd y cyngor yn ystyried rhannu’r gost ar ôl derbyn ffigyrau oddi wrth GBS Conwy.

6. 2011/12-7:10.2 Materion Lleol - wedi eu pasio ‘mlaen i’r adrannau priodol. Cafwyd adroddiad fod yna dyllau’n dal i fod ar Ffordd
Trallwyn ger Trallwyn a Maerdir.

7. 2011/12-7:10.3  Polyn Fflag – Roedd manylion am un Eglwysbach i law. Y gost oedd £457.00 + TAW . Penderfynwyd archebu un
polyn nawr ac i ddefnyddio rhan o’r arian a glustnodwyd ar gyfer y Jiwbilî i archebu un arall. (Gweler 6a-8 isod)

8. Siarter - ymateb parthed gwariant i law. Ni ddisgwylir i’r cyngor gymryd cyfrifoldeb am fater nad oedd yn rhan o’i archebiant y flwyddyn honno.

9. Y Neuadd Goffa – cysylltiad gyda Gareth Peters, Adran Stadau sydd am rannu gwybodaeth gyda’r cyngor pan mae datblygiad.

10.Dathliad y Jiwbilî – trafodwyd hyn dan 6a isod.
5. Canlyniadau Ceisiadau Cynllunio:

            0/38334           Y Bryn                       Caniatawyd

            0/38406           7 Maeshyfryd              Caniatawyd

            0/38388           Tal Goed                     Caniatawyd
6. Cyllid:
a) Adroddiad yr Is-bwyllgor Cyllid:

1. Costau Etholiad                              £450.00

2. Goleuadau Nadolig 30% o ostyngiad - fe ddyrannwyd gwariant o hyd at £500.00 i archebu rhagor o oleuadau. (Gweler 4.4 uchod)

3. Polyn Fflag - yr un                          £457.00 + TAW

4. Arhosfa Bws – 5 yn y Llan             £1250.00 Cytunwyd i fod yn rhan o’r Cynllun.

5. Enwi ffordd                                   £440.00

6. Rhoddion at Achosion da – mwyafrif o £12648

7. Benthyg – llythyr gan Lywodraeth Cymru

8. Dathliad y Jiwbilî - cytunwyd i ddyrannu £2000.00 tuag at y dathliad ( i gynnwys ail bolyn fflag)

9. Glan Mewn Blodau – 5 categori gyda hyd at £200 fel gwobrau. (Gweler 4.3 uchod)

10. Yn dilyn trafodaeth, cytunwyd i glustnodi gwariant yn ystod y flwyddyn ariannol nesaf, yn dibynnu ar gymeradwyaeth y cyngor ar unrhyw gais, er lles ieuenctid y Llan.

9. Buddsoddiad Scottish Widows - cytunwyd i fuddsoddi mewn cyfrif ‘Saith Dydd o rybudd’ ar log o Yn dilyn trafodaeth hir gyda nifer o gynigiadau, pleidleisiwyd i osod archebiant o £20,000.00
b) I Mewn:

3ydd Archebiant   £4168.00

                         Cyfanswm 24/01/2012 C/A £  1552.18
                                                          D/A £  7535.82
                               Scottish Widows Acc. £12820.14

7. Gohebiaeth:

1. CBS Conwy parthed ‘Fforwm Cynghorau Lleol/Conwy

2. CBS Conwy parthed newidiadau i’r C.D.Ll.

3. CGGC parthed Llyfryn Cyfleusterau Cymunedol Conwy – gadawyd y mater ar y bwrdd.

4. Adroddiad Blynyddol Panel Annibynnol Cymru ar Gydnabyddiaeth Ariannol - ar y bwrdd.

5. Llywodraeth Cymru’n cynnig newid dyddiadau etholiadau lleol – 3 newid arfaethedig.

6. CGGC yn cynnig ‘Gweithdai Grantiau’.

7. Canolfan y Sgowtiaid yn diolch am y rhodd.

8. Cymdeithas y Byddar Gogledd Cymru’n diolch am y rhodd.

9. Cymdeithas Arennau Cymru parthed rhoi organau. - gwybodaeth ar y bwrdd.

10.Pedwar llythyr yn gofyn am gael parc sglefrio/beicio yn y Llan. Bydd y cyngor yn ymateb trwy ddweud fod nifer o geisiadau am groesfan wedi eu gwneud dros y blynyddoedd heb lwyddiant ond fod ymdrechion yn parhau. Roedd y cyngor hefyd yn cefnogi ymdrechion eraill sydd â’r un amcan.

11.Emily Watson yn diolch am y rhodd.
8 & 9. Adroddiad y Cynghorydd Sirol:
Dosbarthodd  Cyng.Rees gopïau o’i adroddiad yn delio efo:
CDLl  Archebiant Ddrafft CBS Conwy    Ffyrdd Gwledig
10.Materion Lleol:
1.     Ymddeoliad y Clerc – rhoddodd y Cadeirydd adroddiad. Cytunwyd i geisio creu hysbyseb yng nghyfarfod Gorffennaf.

2.     Cyng.Barton wedi gofyn am gael clirio’r tir o amgylch TNT. Erbyn y cyfarfod, roedd y gwaith wedi ei wneud.

3.     Dywedodd Cyng.Buckley fod yna gar yn parcio’n aml ar y llinellau melyn/pafin wrth yr hysbysfwrdd sy’n achosi trafferthion.

4.     Adroddodd Cyng.Mrs/Evans fod arwydd ffordd wrth ail droad Tal y Fan/Ffordd Naddyn wedi ei gamsillafu.

5.     Dywedodd Cyng.Mrs.Evans y bydd y Rheithor yn gadael y Llan ar o lei gwasanaeth olaf ar Chwefror 17eg. Cytunwyd i anfon  llythyr ati’n datgan gwerthfawrogiad o’i gwaith yn y Llan ac yn dymuno’n dda iddi ym Mae Colwyn.

6.     Dywedodd Cyng.Worsley fod polyn sy’n dal arwydd dros y ffordd i’w dŷ bron a thorri.

7.     Gofynnodd Cyng.Ms.Rogers os oedd llythyr arall wedi ei anfon at Bob Saxby parthed man aros diogel wrth Eglwys y Drindod.

8.     Roedd Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter Burgess wedi derbyn cwyn fod y bws olaf i’r Llan yn rhy fuan i rai oedd yn defnyddio cyfleusterau chwaraeon.

9. Gofynnodd Cyng.Mrs.Edmondson i’r  Adran briodol gael gwybod bod y ffens wrth Llwybr y Gerddi a’r tir angen sylw.

Cytunwyd ar holl o’r materion lleol ac fe fydd y Clerc yn delio a’r materion sydd angen sylw.
Dyddiad y cyfarfod nesaf – Mawrth 6ed, 2012 Cyfarfod Cyffredinol (7:30)
Ceisiadau Cynllunio:
0/38499           Llais yr Afon                           Y Cadeirydd wedi delio a’r cais

0/38505           SP Powers                             Y Cadeirydd wedi delio a’r cais

0/38541           Dŵr Cymru                   
                      Dim sylwadau na gwrthwynebiad i’r ceisiadau uchod.

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