Minutes of Council Meeting 13/09/2011
In the absence of the Chairman, Cllr.Mrs.Edmondson, the Vice-Chair, took the meeting and welcomed Cllr.Worsley to his first meeting.

l. Present:
Cllr.Mrs.S.Edmondson, Cllr.J.Spicer, Cllr.Mrs.C.Evans, Cllr.Mrs.A.Parry, Cllr.Mrs.P.Rogers, Cllr.T.S.Buckley, Cllr.O.Evans-Jones,  Cllr.C.P.Barton, Cllr.D.Worsley, Cllr.D.J.Rees, 
Three candidates had applied for co-option to fill the vacancy in the Fforddlas Ward - Alwyn ap Huw Humphreys, David C Owen and Drew Pritchard. Following the usual procedure of interview, Drew Pritchard was co-opted onto the council and signed the declaration at the end of the meeting. The Vice-chair thanked the two unsuccessful candidates for showing an interest. Both stayed as observers.
2. Apologies:
Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess, PCSO, CBM, Cllr.G.Rees (Conwy BC)
3. Minutes:

The minutes of the last meeting (26/07/2011) were amended to show the correct annual funding allocation to the Sports Association  and then approved.
4. Matters Arising:
1. 2010/11.7:10.2
Sports Association – Three members had paid a subscription membership to the Association – Cllr.Mrs.Edmondson, Cllr.Ms.Rogers and Cllr.Worsley – who had to declare a ‘Personal Prejudicial Interest’.

The Clerk read a paper received from Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess giving an update of the present situation. It was agreed that a letter of support for an application applying for an expert to train the committee in preparing a business plan.

Following a discussion, the following were elected to represent the council on the Sports Association management committee:

Cllr.Mrs.Sarah Lesiter-Burgess, Cllr.Mrs.Christine Evans, Cllr.Ms.Pamela Rogers, Cllr.John Spicer, Cllr.Dan Worsley and Cllr.Drew Pritchard.

Cllr.Worsley queried the council’s position re the chairmanship of the committee but it was confirmed that the council had agreed to support the Association only on the understanding that the chair was to be a representative of the council.

2. 2010/11.8:10.1
Memorial Crosses –Still awaiting additional cost of cenotaph.

3. 2011/12.1:10.5 Glan in Bloom (only a reminder for the future)

4. 2010/11: Memorial Bench – Bench sited in Acre Field.

5. 20011/12.3:10.5 Road behind Abbeyfield – this matter will not appear on the agenda in future.

6. Christmas Tree/Lights – Following a discussion and vote, it was decided to purchase additional lights to adorn the trees in the park. Brian Thomas and/or Adam Hughes will be asked to look at the condition of the present ‘new’ lights. The Clerk will make enquiries about purchasing more lights.

7. 2011/12.4:10.2 Maeshyfryd/Top Llan Junction – Highways declare that there was no intention to turf the land. Cllr.Rees had sent a report that a  contract was given to erect a low fence to prevent children riding bikes down the slope.

8. 2011/12.4:10.3 Toilets – Cllr.G.Rees had reported that only Panini’s receive a grant for toilet use by the public.

9. 2011/12.4:10.5,6 Local Matters – both matters had been reported to Highways Dept.

10.2011/12.4:10.7 Wave Crest – There is no problem with this site but a close eye will be kept on the situation.
5. Planning Outcomes:

0/38056           Maes Glas, Sarn y Mynach          Granted

0/38069           Sarn y Mynach Boat Yard site    Granted

6. Finance:

The Draft Audit report was approved and signed

      In:             2nd Precept                               £4166.00                           


      Goronwy Jones                             £179.74    

      J.Hughes-Jones - expenses             £87.46

      Old people’s Welfare Committee (See Funding App.1)    £500.00

                                         Total in accounts
                                                                 13/09/11 C/A £528.77  
                                                                        D/A      £7534.56

                                                   Scottish Widows Acc. £12820.14


7. Correspondence:

1. One Voice Wales re Diamond jubilee Beacons. This was left on the table.

2. Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales Draft Annual Report for 2012/13

3. Conwy CBC re Corporate Plan 2012/16 – meeting on 26/09 at Business Centre from 5:30 to 8:00pm.
Cllrs.Ms.Rogers and Spicer will attend.

4. Guto Bebb MP thanking for his visit.

5. Royal Horticultural Society re Britain in Bloom Competition. This matter is already in hand locally.

6. Wren re follow-up to previous grant.

7. Conwy CBC re Standards Conference Wales on 05/10 at Llandrindod Wells.

8. Welsh Government – invitation to visit the Government building at Junction.

9. One Voice Wales offering training – at a cost

10.Conwy Rural Partnership information on Roadshow.

11.Mrs.G.Francis asking for a handrail on Llwybr y Gerddi. The Clerk will contact Conwy CBC to make enquiries. 

12.Mental Health Foundation giving information on self management course on 15&16/09

13.E-mail receipt from Sports Association

14. Copy of Cllr.Worsley’s missive re Green at Pentrefelin green and his response to the LDP for the record.

15.Conwy CBC re ‘Llanrwst Vision’.

Funding Application:

1. Eric Roughley asking for the donation towards the Old Peoples Christmas Dinner.

It was agreed to donate £500 towards the Christmas Dinner

2. NSPCC – no balance sheet

3. Theatr Bara Caws – theatre in education.
The Vice-Chairman did not wish these two applications to be discussed
8 & 9: County Councillor’s Report:
Cllr.Rees had sent a written report that dealt with the following matters:

LDP         Conwy CBC CEO           Memorial Hall
10. Local Matters:
1. Explanation was received from Cllr.G.Rees re the white lines outside Acre Field.

2. Cllr.Buckley explained the situation re further enquiries about Speed Detection Signs in the village. Cllr.Worsley add that he had asked NW Police to assess speeding, possibly utilising  ‘Arrive Alive’ and that he had contacted Mark Isherwood, the local area AM, who was pursuing the matter in Cardiff.

3. Cllr.D.J.Rees reminded the council that it was policy that any contact with the press was to be made via the Clerk. This was as a result of a misunderstanding made some time ago.

4. Cllr.Mrs.Evans asked if the council would be buying more bulbs to adorn the village this coming spring. It was agreed that the Clerk was to make enquiries with Snowdonia Nurseries.

5. Cllr.Mrs.Evans reported that the grit bin on top of Top Llan Road had been blow over in the wind. This will be reported.

6. Cllr.Ms.Rogers reported that the surplus grit from last winter had been emptied to some of the grit boxes.

7. Cllr.Ms.Rogers asked if path 34 could be cut.

8. Cllr.Worsley asked for the path from Maeshyfryd to Top Llan Road to be cut.

9. Cllr.Mrs.Edmondson reported that lamp 3 on Ffordd Naddyn was faulty.

All local matters were approved and the Clerk will follow up those that need attention.
Date of next meeting – October 18th       General Meeting
Planning Applications:
0/38156           MOT Testing Station at Tre Marl Ind Est.        Dealt with by Vice-Chairman           

0/38054                      Dolwyd Barns - Site visit that morning attended by Cllr.Mrs.Parry. The  Conwy B.Clls. present seemed to be in favour of the application.

0/38220           Shell Black Cat

No objection or observation on the above application.
Cofnodion o’r Cyfarfod 13/09/2011
Yn absenoldeb y Cadeirydd fe gymerodd yr Is-gadeirydd y cyfarfod ac fe groesawodd Cyng.Worsley i’w gyfarfod cyntaf.
Presennol:  Cyng.Mrs.S.Edmondson, Cyng.J.Spicer, Cyng.Mrs.C.Evans, Cyng.Mrs.A.Parry, Cyng.Mrs.P.Rogers, Cyng.T.S.Buckley, Cyng.O.Evans-Jones, Cyng.C.P.Barton, Cyng.D.Worsley, Cyng.D.J.Rees,    
Roedd tri wedi gofyn am gael eu cyfethol i lenwi’r sedd wag yn Ward Fforddlas - Alwyn ap Huw Humphreys, David C Owen a Drew Pritchard.

Ar ôl dilyn y drefn arferol o gyfweld fe gyfetholwyd  Drew Pritchard ac fe arwyddodd y datganiad ar derfyn y cyfarfod.

Diolchodd yr Is-gadeirydd i’r ddau aflwyddiannus am ddangos diddordeb.

Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess, RhRhG, SCCH, Cyng.G.Rees (CBS Conwy)
3. Cofnodion:
Fe newidiwyd y cofnodion i ddangos y cyfraniad cyllidol blynyddol cywir i’r Gymdeithas Chwaraeon ac yna fe gytunwyd ar gofnodion y cyfarfod blaenorol (26/07/2011).
4. Materion yn Codi o’r Cofnodion:
1. 2010/11.7:10.2
Y Gymdeithas Chwaraeon – Roedd tri aelod wedi talu tanysgrifiad i’r Gymdeithas– Cyng.Mrs.Edmondson, Cyng.Ms.Rogers a Cyng.Worsley – ac felly’n datgan ‘Diddordeb Niweidiol Personol’.

Darllenodd y Clerc adroddiad gan Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess oedd yn amlinellu’r sefyllfa bresennol. Cytunwyd i anfon llythyr o gefnogaeth am gais am arbenigwr i hyfforddi ar gyfer creu cynllun busnes.

Yn dilyn trafodaeth fe etholwyd y canlynol i gynrychioli’r cyngor ar Bwyllgor Rheoli’r Gymdeithas Chwaraeon:

Cyng.Mrs.Sarah Lesiter-Burgess, Cyng. Mrs.Christine Evans, Cyng. Ms.Pamela Rogers, Cyng. John Spicer, Cyng. Dan Worsley a Cyng. Drew Pritchard.

Fe fynegodd Cyng.Worsley bryeder parthed sefyllfa cadeirydd y pwyllgor ond fe gadarnhawyd fod y cyngor wedi cytuno i gefnogi’r Gymdeithas ond ar yr amod fod y cadeirydd i fod yn un o gynrychiolwyr y cyngor.

2. 2010/11.8:10.1
Cerrig Coffa’r Fynwent – Dal i ddisgwyl pris am y gofgolofn.

3. 2011/12.1:10.5
Glan mewn Blodau – (dim ond er mwyn atgoffa)

4. 2010/12.1:11
Mainc Goffa –wedi ei gosod yn Acre Field.

5..20011/12.3:10. Y Ffordd y tu ôl i Abbeyfield – ni fydd y mater yma ar yr
agenda o hyn allan.

6. Y Goeden
Nadolig/Goleuadau - Yn dilyn trafodaeth a phleidlais, cytunwyd i archebu rhagor o oleuadau ar gyfer y coed sydd yn y parc yn barod. Fe ofynnir i Brian Thomas/Adam Hughes edrych ar gyflwr y goleuadau ‘newydd’. Fe wneir ymholiadau parthed archebu rhagor o oleuadau.

7. 2011/12.4:10.2
Cyffordd Maeshyfryd/Top Llan - yn ôl yr Adran Ffyrdd, nid oedd bwriad i roi tywyrch ar y safle. Roedd Cyng.G.Rees wedi adrodd fod cytundeb wedi ei osod iadeiladu ffens fer i rwystro plant rhag mynd ar feic i lawr y llethr.

8. 2011/12.4:10.3
Toiledau - Roedd Cyng.G.Rees wedi adrodd mai dim ond Panini's oedd yn derbyn grant i ganiatáu i’r cyhoedd ddefnyddio toiled..

9. 2011/12.4:10.5,6 Materion Lleol – wedi eu pasio ‘mlaen i’r Adran Ffyrdd.

10. 2011/12.4:10.7 Wave Crest –does dim problem yma ond fe gedwir llygaid barcud ar y sefyllfa.
5. Canlyniadau Ceisiadau Cynllunio:
0/38056     Maes Glas, Sarn y Mynach      Caniatawyd

0/38069     Iard Gychod Sarn y Mynach     Caniatawyd
6. Cyllid:
Fe gytunwyd ar Adroddiad Ddrafft yr Archwilwyr ac fe lofnodwyd y daflen.

I Mewn:

      2il Archebiant                                  £4166.00


      Goronwy Jones                             £179.74    

      J.Hughes-Jones - costau                   £87.46

      Pwyllgor Cinio’r Henoed (gweler Cais 1isod)    £500.00

                                         Cyfanswm 13/09/11 C/A  £528.77

                                                D/A   £7534.56

                                                   Scottish Widows Acc. £12820.14

7. Gohebiaeth:

1. Un Llais parthed Begwn Dathlu Jiwbilî’r Frenhines.

2. Panel Annibynnol Cymru parthed Adroddiad Blynyddol Drafft 2012/13.

3. CBS Conwy parthed cynllun Corfforaethol 2012/16 – cyfarfod yng Nghanolfan Busnes y
Cyffordd ar 26/09 0 5:30 i 8:00. Bydd Cyng.Ms.Rogers â Cyng.Spicer yn mynychu.

4. Guto Bebb yn diolch am gael ymweld â’r cyfarfod diwethaf..

5. ‘Cymdeithas Garwriaethol Frenhinol parthed Cystadleuaeth Prydain Mewn Bl┼Ám’. Mae’r mater yma mewn llaw yn barod.

6. Wren parthed y grant blaenorol.

7. CBS Conwy parthed Cynhadledd Safonau Cymru yn Llandrindod ar 05/10

8. Gwahoddiad gan Lywodraeth Cymru i ymweld â’r Swyddfeydd yn y Cyffordd.

9. Un Llais yn cynnig hyfforddiant – am bris.

10.Partneriaeth Wledig Conwy’n dosbarthu gwybodaeth am Arddangosfa Deithiol.

11.Mrs.G.Francis yn gofyn am gael canllaw ar Lwybr y Gerddi.  Clerc i wneud ymholiadau gyda Chyngor BS Conwy.

12.Sefydliad Afiechyd Meddwl yn dosbarthu gwybodaeth parthed cwrs hunan rheolaethol ar

13.E-bost oddi wrth y Gymdeithas Chwaraeon yn diolch am y rhodd.

14.Copi er gwybodaeth o ymateb Cyng. Worsley parthed glaswellt Pentrefelin a’i ymateb i’r CDLl.

15.CBS Conwy parthed ‘Gweledigaeth Llanrwst’.

Cais am Nawdd:

1. Eric Roughley’n gofyn am rodd tuag at Ginio Nadolig yr Henoed.

Cytunwyd i roddi £500 tuag at y Cinio Nadolig.

2. NSPCC yn gofyn am rodd – dim mantolen.

3. Theatr bara Caws - (theatr mewn addysg)

Nid oedd yr Is-gadeirydd yn fodlon i’r ddau gais gael eu trafod.

8 & 9.
Adroddiad y Cynghorydd Sirol:
Soniodd Cyng.Rees am y materion isod:

CDLl        Prif Weithredwr CBS Conwy       Y Neuadd Goffa
10. Materion Lleol:
1. Esboniad gan Cyng..G Rees parthed llinellau gwyn y tu allan i Acre Field.

2. Esboniodd Cyng.Buckley'r sefyllfa parthed ymholiadau pellach am Arwyddion Dangos   Cyflymder yn y Llan. Ychwanegodd
Cyng.Worsley ei fod wedi gofyn am i Heddlu GC  wneud ymchwil trwy, o bosib, ddefnyddio ‘Cyrraedd yn Saff’ ac wedi
cysylltu â Mark Isherwood yr A.C. lleol, sydd yn dilyn y mater yng Nghaerdydd.

3. Atgoffodd
Cyng.D.J.Rees y cyfarfod fod yn bolisi nad oedd cynghorydd i gysylltu â’r wasg ond trwy’r Clerc. Roedd hyn ar ôl camddealltwriaeth a ddigwyddodd peth amser yn ôl.

4. Gofynnodd Cyng.Mrs.Evans a oedd bwriad i archebu rhagor o fylbiau i addurno’r llan        eleni. Cytunwyd fod y Clerc i holi ym
Mhlanhigfa Eryri.

5. Adroddodd Cyng.Mrs.Evans fod y bin graean wedi ei chwythu o’i safle ar ben allt Top Llan. Y Clerc i roi gwybod i’r Adran Ffyrdd.

6. Adroddodd Cyng.Ms.Rogers fod y graean oedd dros ben wedi ei ddosbarthu i rai bocsys graean.

7. Gofynnodd Cyng.Ms.Rogers am i lwybr 34 gael ei farbio.

8. Gofynnodd Cyng.Worsley am i’r llwybr o Faeshyfryd i Dop Llan gael ei farbio.

9. Adroddodd Cyng.Mrs.Edmondson fod lamp 3 ar Ffordd Naddyn angen sylw.

   Cytunwyd ar holl o’r materion lleol ac fe fydd y Clerc yn delio a’r materion sydd angen sylw.

Dyddiad y cyfarfod nesaf – Hydref 18      Cyfarfod Cyffredinol
Ceisiadau Cynllunio:
0/38156           Safle Profi Ceir yn Nhre Marl - yr Is-gadeirydd wedi delio a’r cais.
0/38054     Sgubor Dolwyd - Cyfarfod yno'r bore hwnnw  a Cyng.Mrs.Parry wedi ein cynrychioli. Roedd Cynghorwyr CB Conwy’n swnio fel eu bod o blaid y cais.

0/38220           Garej Shell, Sarn y Mynach     Dim sylwadau na gwrthwynebiad i’r cais uchod.



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