Minutes of Council Meeting 26/07/2011

l. Present:

Cllr.Mrs.S.Lesiter-Burgess, Cllr.J.Spicer, Cllr.Mrs.C.Evans, Cllr.Mrs.A.Parry, Cllr.Mrs.P.Rogers, Cllr.T.S.Buckley, Cllr.O.Evans-Jones, Cllr.C.P.Barton, Cllr.D.J.Rees, Cllr.Mrs.S.Edmondson, Conwy C.B.Cllr.G.Rees

Guto Bebb MP ‘observed’ the meeting. Jill Roberts, External Communications Manager, Dŵr Cymru and Iwan Evans of Conwy Rural  Enterprise were also in attendance. One member of the public was also present.
The Chairman welcomed the guests to the meeting. Standing Orders were suspended to permit Iwan Evans and Jill Roberts to address the meeting.

Iwan Evans explained the process of getting a business plan drawn up. He has a 75% grant available for expertise to be brought in to assist. This will be undertaken by the Sports Association committee.

Jill Roberts gave a presentation on the proposed construction of a reservoir (a tank the size of a football pitch that will hold 25 million litres of water.) on land above Rhyd Ifan. The project is at a very early stage. When final plans are drawn up a public exhibition will be held at Church House before the end of the summer to explain the details prior to the plans being submitted to the councils.

Three reasons were given as to the need of this reservoir:
      a. to give 24 hours of emergency cover if there was to be a fault at the Dolgarrog works;

      b. to increase the water pressure in those areas where it is too low;

      c. the population of the feeding area has already reached the projected number by 2011 instead of 2055.

Both speakers answered a number of questions raised about their presentations. The Chairman thanked both speakers for their  presence.

Standing Orders were reinstated.

2. Apologies:


3. Minutes:
The minutes of the last meeting (21/06/2011) were approved.

4. Matters Arising:

1. 2010/11.7:10.2
Sports Association – See above. Cllr.Lesiter-Burgess gave a brief outline of the activities arranged for the Summer Holidays. The  recommendations of the Finance Sub-committee were approved. (See 5. below)

2. 2010/11.8:10.1
Memorial Crosses – Awaiting price for the cenotaph.

3. 2010/11.9:4.7
Elderly Trip – many letters of thanks received thanking the council for the trip.

4.2011/12.2:7.1&2 Vacancies – an election will be held for the vacancy in the Bryn Rhys Ward on August 4th. between Dan Worsley and Alwyn ap Huw Humphreys.

5. 2010/11.5:10.3 Maeshyfryd Swings – work completed and invoice to pay.

6. 2011/12.3:10.2  Bus 25 – Changes intended to the winter time table.

7. 2011/12.2:10.14 Speed Signs – final response from Highway Agency that no signs will be erected until the results of a speed survey are known – and only then if needed.

8. 2011/12.: Llewelyn Terrace – this is a matter for the residents to sort themselves.

9.2010/11: Memorial Bench – site meeting held to decide on location in Acre Field. The resident immediately behind the site was  consulted and saw no objection. Work will be undertaken soon.

10.20011/12.3:10.4 Hedge on Ffordd y Fron – a matter for the landowner to attend to.

11.20011/12.3:10.5 Road behind Abbeyfield – More research will be undertaken in time for the next meeting.

12. 20011/12.3:10.7 Outbuilding at 2, Pentrefelin – reply from Planning Dept that it is a ‘permitted development’ and is ok.

5. Planning Outcomes:

  0/37885     Tyddyn Uchaf            Granted

  0/37908     3, Nant yr Efail        Granted

  0/37813&5   Shell Black Cat         Granted

  0/37934     Llais yr Afon, Garth Road     Granted

  0/37975     112, Ffordd Naddyn            Granted
6. Finance:
 A report was given on the Finance sub-committee meeting:

    1. Sports Association

     Insurance paid by Iain Lyall on his credit card - £391.22
Suggest that SA finance is kept separate - but with financial input from council of  up to £2500 annually, if needed. A cheque for
£1500 should go the SA now.

      2. Zurich Insurance offer of 3 or 5 year contract

   This year = £530.63  3 year contract= £509.45      5 year contract = £490.85

Suggest we go for the 5 year as no other company insures community councils.
    3. Balances:
 Total in accounts 26/07/11
         C/A   £629.63;
         D/A      £4284.34;
        Scottish Widows Acc. £12820.14  
2nd precept payment due in August (£4166.00)
The full council agreed to the proposals made.


      Play & Leisure                            £5211.60   

      Pinewood Products                         £180.00

      Zurich                                          £490.85

      Chairman’s Fund                           £100.00

      Sports Association                              £1500.00

                                         Total in accounts 26/07/11
     C/A £629.97

     D/A   £4284.34
     Scottish Widows Acc. £12820.14  
7. Correspondence:

1. Ombudsman’s Annual Report on the table.

2. Vaughan Williams thanking for the donation to the St.Ffraid Cemetery Fund.

3. Cyril Jones thanking for the donation to the Nant Conwy Day Club.

4. Play Rangers giving information of their proposed project for 6 months in our locality. Form to fill. This was passed to Cllr.Lesiter-Burgess to fill.

5. ‘National Playday’ distributing information in our area.

6. Youth Liaison
Forum meeting 22/07/11 + mins of previous meeting.

7. Zurich
Insurance offering a contract deal. The picnic bench will be added. (See 5. above)

Funding Application:

1. Shelter Cymru

The Chairman did not wish this to be discussed.
8 & 9: County Councillor’s Report:
Cllr.Rees mentioned the following matters:

LDP   Grant funded work in the village   
Sewers on Conwy Valley Estate
Fly tipping at Maeshyfryd
Gardening Group
10. Local Matters:
1. The Clerk asked the councillors to think of this year’s Christmas decorations etc by the next meeting. Some strands are hanging low on a tree and will be dealt with.

2. Cllr.Mrs.Edmondson expressed concern about the new bank at the Maeshyfryd/top Llan junction. It was supposed to have been turfed but it was understood that a fence will be erected around the bank to prevent it becoming a BMX ramp.

3. Cllr.Mrs.Edmondson asked for an explanation about the toilet facilities in the three establishments that are receiving a reduction in their rates for public use of their facilities. Cllr.Lesiter-Burgess will follow this up with Conwy CBCllr. Mike Priestley.

4. Cllr.Mrs.Parry wanted reassurances that no site traffic would go through Dolwyd for access to the reservoir site when work commences. This point can be made when the application comes before the council.

5. Cllr.Buckley expressed concern for the road from A470 to Garth between the old entrance to Ty Isa and Felin Isaf. Cracks are appearing along the road.

6. Cllr.Buckley again mentioned the surface water drain on the river side of the A470 opposite the wall at the West End. The gully appears to be blocked and water crosses the main road to the Trem Afon bus stop opposite carrying gravel etc with it instead of flowing down towards the railway.

7. Cllr.Ms.Rogers mentioned a patio that is being erected at the back of Wave Crest that appears to go over the ‘right of way’ This will be passed to the Right of Way officer for his observations.
All local matters were approved and the Clerk will follow up those that need attention.
Date of next meeting – September 13th                 General Meeting at 7:30pm
Planning Applications:
0/38021           Wheatsheaf Building – the original observations still stand here 

0/38054           Dolwyd Barns – the council gave its
full support to this project

0/38056           Maes Glan, Sarn y Mynach- no
observations or objection

0/38069     Sarn y Mynach – as long as no cars were parked
on the road, there was no  objection
Cofnodion o’r Cyfarfod 26/07/11/2011
Cyng.J.Spicer, Cyng.Mrs.C.Evans, Cyng.Mrs.A.Parry, Cyng.Mrs.P.Rogers,
Cyng.T.S.Buckley, Cyng.O.Evans-Jones, Cyng.C.P.Barton, Cyng.D.J.Rees,
Cyng.Mrs.S.Edmondson, Cyng.G.Rees (CBS Conwy)  
Roedd Guto Bebb
AS yn arsylwi’r cyfarfod. Roedd Jill Roberts, Rheolwraig Cyfathrebu Allanol Dŵr
Cymru, ac Iwan Evans, Menter Wledig Conwy hefyd yn bresennol.
Croesawyd y
gwesteion i’r cyfarfod gan y Cadeirydd. Diddymwyd y Rheolau Statudol er mwyn
caniatáu i Iwan Evans a Jill Roberts annerch y cyfarfod.
Iwan Evans:
Cafwyd adroddiad ganddo ar sut i greu cynllun busnes ar gyfer y Gymdeithas
Chwaraeon. Mae ganddo grant o 75% tuag at y gost o gyflogi arbenigwr ar gyfer
hyfforddiant. Bydd pwyllgor y Gymdeithas Chwaraeon yn gyfrifol am hyn.
Jill Roberts:
Cafwyd gwybodaeth am gronfa arfaethedig (tanc o faint cae pêl droed i ddal 25 miliwn
litr o ddŵr.) uwchben Rhyd Ifan. Mae’r prosiect ond ar ddechrau ond fe fydd y
cynlluniau llawn i’w gweld mewn arddangosfa i’r cyhoedd yn Neuadd yr Eglwys cyn
diwedd yr Haf i esbonio’r prosiect cyn i’r cynlluniau eu cyflwyno i’r

Rhoddwyd tri
rheswm am y cynllun:

      a. er mwyn creu cronfa argyfwng 24 awr
rhag ofn diffyg yn y gwaith dŵr yn Nolgarrog;

      b. i gynyddu gwasgedd y dŵr yn yr
ardaloedd lle nad oedd yn dderbyniol;

      c. mae poblogaeth yr ardal wedi cyrraedd y
proffil estynedig erbyn  2011 yn lle
Fe atebodd y ddau
siaradwr gwestiynau ar y mater oeddent wedi trafod.
Fe ail-sefydlwyd
y Rheolau Statudol.

3. Cofnodion:
Cytunwyd ar
gofnodion y cyfarfod blaenorol (21/06/2011).
4. Materion yn
Codi o’r Cofnodion:
1.  2010/11.7:10.2 Y Gymdeithas Chwaraeon -
Gweler uchod. Cafwyd adroddiad gan Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess ar y gweithgareddau
a gynhelir yn ystod gwyliau’r Haf. Cytunwyd ar argymhellion i'r Is-bwyllgor
Cyllid. (Gweler 5. isod.)

2. 2010/11.8:10.1
Cerrig Coffa’r Fynwent – Disgwyl pris am y gofgolofn.

3. 2010/11.9:4.7
Trip yr Henoed – Nifer o lythyrau i law yn diolch i’r cyngor am y trip.

2011/12.2:7.1&2 Seddi Gwag - cynhelir etholiad am y sedd wag yn Ward Bryn
Rhys ar Awst 4ydd. rhwng Dan Worsley ac Alwyn ap Huw Humphreys.

2010/11.5:10.3  Siglen Maeshyfryd- y
gwaith wedi ei gwblhau â’r anfoneb i’w thalu.

2011/12.3:10.2  Bws 25 – bwriedir
newidiadau yn nhaflen amser y gaeaf.

2011/12.2:10.14 Arwyddion Gyrru - atebiad terfynol o’r Asiantaeth Priffyrdd na
fydd arwyddion ar gael dan ar ôl archwiliad cyflymder traffig - ac wedyn ond os
bydd angen.

8. 2011/12.Teras
Llewelyn – mater i’r trigolion i’w ddatrys yw hwn.

9. 2010/12.1:11
Mainc Coffa -cyfarfod ar Acre Field wedi ei gynnal. Nid oes gan y person sy’n
byw y tu ôl i’r safle wrthwynebiad i’r safle. Fe wneir y gwaith mor fuan ag
sydd modd.

Clawdd at Ffordd y Fron - y tirfeddiannwr neu’r tenant i ddelio gyda’r broblem.

Y Ffordd y tu ôl i Abbeyfield – Angen mwy o waith archwilio erbyn y cyfarfod

7 Sied yn 2,Pentrefelin – atebiad o’r Adran Gynllunio’n dweud nad oedd dim o’i
le yma.
5. Canlyniadau
Ceisiadau Cynllunio:
      0/37885     Tyddyn Uchaf                  Caniatawyd

      0/37908     3,Nant
yr Efail               Caniatawyd

      0/37813&5   Shell Black Cat         Caniatawyd

      0/37934     Llais
yr Afon, Ffordd Garth   Caniatawyd

      0/37975     112,
Ffordd Naddyn            Caniatawyd
6. Cyllid:
        Derbyniwyd adroddiad o’r Is-bwyllgor Cyllid:

1. Y Gymdeithas

Iain Lyall wedi
talu’r bil siwrans ar ei gerdyn credyd - £391.22

Cynnig fod cyllid
y GCh yn uned ar wahân i’r cyngor - ond gyda chymorth o hys at £2500, os oes
angen, gan y cyngor yn flynyddol. Dylai siec am £1500  fynd i’r GCh nawr.
2. Siwrans Zurich
yn cynnig cytundeb 3 neu 5 mlynedd

      Eleni = £530.63         contract 3 mlynedd = £509.45    contract 5 mlynedd = £490.85

      Awgrymu ein bod yn cytuno ar gontract 5 mlynedd gan nad oes cwmni arall yn bod fyddai’n siwrio cynghora cymuned.
3. Balansau:

       Yn y cronfeydd ar 26/07/2011   C/Rh = £629.63; C/C  = £4284.34;

       Scottish Widows = £12820.14

       2il daliad archebiant o £4166 i ddod yn

Cytunodd y cyngor
llawn i’r argymhellion

      Play & Leisure                            £5211.60   

      Pinewood Products                         £180.00

      Zurich                                          £490.85

      Cronfa’r Cadeirydd                              £100.00

      Y Gymdeithas Chwaraeon                    £1500.00

26/07/11 C/A  £629.97

                                                D/A   £4284.34

                                                   Scottish Widows Acc. £12820.14

7. Gohebiaeth:

1. Adroddiad
Blynyddol yr Ombwdsmon – ar y bwrdd.

2. Vaughan
Williams yn diolch am y rhodd at Fynwent Sant Ffraid.

3. Cyril Jones yn
diolch am y rhodd i Glwb Dydd Nant Conwy.

4. Ceidwaid
Chwarae’n rhannu gwybodaeth am y cynllun arfaethedig am y 6 mis nesaf. Bydd
Cyng. Lesiter-Burgess yn llenwi’r ffurflen.

5. ‘Diwrnod Chwarae Cenedlaethol’ yn
dosbarthu gwybodaeth am ein hardal ni.

6. Fforwm Cyswllt Ieuenctid ar 22/07/11 a
chofnodion eu cyfarfod blaenorol.

7. Zurich yn
cynnig cytundeb. Bydd y fainc newydd yn cael ei 
hychwanegu at y polisi. (Gweler 5. uchod)

am Nawdd:

1. Shelter Cymru.

Nid oedd y
Cadeirydd yn awyddus i hwn gael ei drafod.
8 & 9. Adroddiad y Cynghorydd Sirol:
Soniodd Cyng.Rees am y materion isod:

CDLl  Grant ar gyfer gwaith yn yr ardal   Carffosiaeth ar stad Dyffryn Conwy

Tipio anghyfreithlon ym Maeshyfryd  CCC         Grŵp Garddio     

10. Materion Lleol:
1. Gofynnodd y
Clerc i’r cynghorwyr feddwl am yr addurniadau ar gyfer Nadolig 2011 erbyn y
cyfarfod nesaf. Mae rhai weiars yn hongian yn isel ac fe ddelir â’r mater.

2. Mynegodd
Cyng.Mrs.Edmondson bryder am y tir wrth fynedfa Maeshyfryd/Top Llan. Roedd
tywyrch i fod i’w gosod ar y tir ond roedd y cyfarfod ar ddeall bod ffens am ei
hadeiladu yno i rwystro’r safle fod yn ramp BMX.

3. Gofynnodd
Cyng.Mrs.Edmondson am esboniad am y cyfleusterau toiled sydd yn y tri safle
sy’n derbyn gostyngiad yn eu trethi am eu bod yn caniatáu i’r cyhoedd i
ddefnyddio’u cyfleusterau. Bydd Cyng. Lesiter-Burgess yn holi CyngBS Conwy Mike
Priestley am hyn.

4. Roedd
Cyng.Mrs.Parry eisiau sicrwydd na fyddai trafnidiaeth yn mynd trwy Dolwyd ar y
ffordd i safle’r gronfa arfaethedig. Fe wneir y pwynt yma pan ddaw’r cynlluniau
o flaen y cyngor.

5. Soniodd  Cyng.Buckley am graciau yn ymddangos yn
Ffordd Garth o’r A470 heibio i hen fynedfa Tŷ Isaf at Felin Isaf.

6. Soniodd
Cyng.Buckley eto am y draen dŵr glaw dros y ffordd i’r wal yn West End. Mae’r
draen yn ymddangos wedi blocio ac mae’r dŵr yn croesi’r A470 at safle bws Trem
Afon gan gario cerrig mân ar draws y ffordd yn lle lifo i lawr i gyfeiriad y

7. Soniodd
Cyng.Ms.Rogers am batio sydd yn cael ei adeiladu ar draws darn o ‘hawl dramwy’
y tu ôl i Wave Crest. Gofynnir i’r Adran Hawl Tramwyo edrych ar y sefyllfa.
Cytunwyd ar holl o’r materion lleol ac fe fydd y Clerc yn delio a’r materion sydd angen sylw.
Dyddiad y cyfarfod nesaf – Medi 13 Cyfarfod Cyffredinol am 7:30
Ceisiadau Cynllunio:
0/38021           Wheatsheaf Building – sylwadau gwreiddiol yn dal i sefyll        

0/38054           Sgubor Dolwyd - y cyngor yn cefnogi’r cais i’r carn

0/38056           Maes Glan, Sarn y Mynach - dim sylwadau na gwrthwynebiad

0/38069     Sarn y Mynach - ar yr amod na fydd ceir yn parcio ar y ffordd nid oedd gwrthwynebiad.



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