Minutes of Council Meeting 25/01/2011
l. Present:
Cllr.J.Spicer, Cllr.Mrs.C.Evans, Cllr.Mrs.A.Parry, Cllr.Mrs.P.Rodgers, Cllr.Mrs.S.Lesiter-Burgess, Cllr.Mrs.A.Brooke, Cllr.T.S.Buckley, Cllr.C.P.Barton, Cllr.D.J.Rees, Cllr.Mrs.S.Edmondson, Conwy C.B.Cllr.G.Rees, CBM, PCSO
2. Apologies:
Standing Orders were suspended to receive a report from the CBM and PCSO

PC Verburg mentioned the break-ins in sheds in the Ffordd Naddyn/Top Llan Road
area and the antisocial behaviour problem in the bus stop. Unfortunately this
only moved on to Nant yr Efail. The Council was asked that if any complaints
were raised re the present traffic hold up, they should be passed on to the
Highways Dept. Fly-tipping in Ffordd Meusydd should be reported to Conwy CBC on
the web site.

The PCSO asked if the council would pay the transport again this year for the Elderly Trip.

The Chairman thanked the officers for their presence and Standing Orders were reinstated.
3. Minutes:
The minutes of the last meeting (14/12/2010) were approved.
4. Matters Arising:

1.   2010/11-3:10.3 Scout Centre Steps &
Lights – e-mail to hand stating that the HQ committee is responsible for
lights. Information passed on to HQ Committee

2.   2010/11-3:10.5 Village event – It was decided not to include this
on the agenda in future.

3.   2010/11-5:10.3
Swing at Maeshyfryd – Awaiting proper quote from Parks & Gardens.

4.   2010/11.6:10.3 Acre Field Entrance –
planning application granted.

5.   2010/11.7:10.1 Drug Problem – Police state that they have no recent
report of any problem.

6. 2010/11.7:10.2 MUGA – report
of meeting held between Sports Association, Youth Services and council. (WE
Roberts to repair MUGA - £700.00) Following a lengthy discussion, it was agreed
that the council obtains two quotes for work on the building to ascertain
whether it is viable for the council to look into taking over the
responsibility for the Sports Association. As yet, no commitment has been made. It was agreed
to discuss the Sports Association's financial position in the next meeting.
Iain Lyall will be informed of the outcome of the discussion.

7. 2010/11.7:10.3 Street
Operative – Request passed on but he needs to be asked again to carry out
work on the steps at West End.

8. 2010/11.7:10.4 Loitering
vehicle – matter reported.

9. 2010/11.7:10.7 Pathway
Barrier – matter in hand.
5. Planning Outcomes:
            0/37470           Tal Goed land                        Granted

6. Finance:
Sub-Committee Report:

Following a discussion, Cllr Barton, seconded by Cllr.Buckley, proposed a precept of £10000.00 again this year.

Cllr Mrs.Edmondson, seconded by Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess, proposed an amendment of £12500.00

Following a vote, the amendment was carried and a precept of £12500.00 will be levied.  

            3rd Precept                                                                   £3334.00


J.Hughes-Jones – 9 Grit bags                                                     £2115.00

City Illuminations – tree lights                                                       £240.88

                                                  Total in accounts 14/12/10C/A  £1209.46
                                                                                        D/A £12280.64
                                                            Scottish Widows Acc.  £12788.17
7. Correspondence:
1. Conwy CBC re Liaison Meeting – reminder!

2. Conwy CBC re Village Renewal & Development

3. Conwy CBC re Alcohol Consumption – public drinking places

4. Conwy CBC re Community Strategy meeting at Eglwysbach on Feb 1st
at 7pm – Chair, Vice-chair, Cllr.Mrs.Rogers & Clerk to attend.

5. UHY Hacker Young receipt for payment.

6. Conwy Valley Civic Society & Guto Bebb MP re Awards scheme
2011 nominations.

7. Assembly re Expenditure & Borrowing.

8. Contact with Alan Jones, Recycling - requesting 30 mins at the
start of the next meeting to talk about new plans for recycling in Glan Conwy.
It was agreed to invite him to the next meeting.

9. BT re Maeshyfryd Telephone Kiosk – changes to the offer re the
council taking over the responsibility for the kiosk. This was refused when
originally offered.

Funding Application:

1.   Royal British Legion ‘Great Poppy Party Week-end’. The council already supports the Royal British Legion
through the Earl Haig Poppy Appeal.

2. Crossroads Care North Wales – the Clerc was asked to find out how many in
the village benefitted and for a balance sheet before the matter is discussed
at the next meeting.

8 & 9: County Councillor’s Report:
Cllr.Rees gave a brief verbal report dealing with:

            LDP             Maehyfryd / Tal y Fan / Top Llan Road Junction

10. Local Matters:
1. Memorial Crosses – It was formally agreed that the council takes over the responsibility for the Crosses
and the money in hand be ring fenced for this purpose. The Clerk will contact
the insurance company to ascertain the cost of including the crosses on the
policy. Cllr.Spicer will inform Mr.Williams of the decision.

2. Cllr.Buckley was disappointed
that the NW Highways Agency would not support the council’s request for ‘speed
warning signs’ either side of the village as he had seen traffic ‘clocked’ at
over 60mph in the restricted area. He also mentioned his concerns re the CCTV
camera. Cllr.Spicer had intended to visit the control room but had been waylaid
on the way.

3. Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess had
made enquiries about the price of mini-gritting machines. She also expressed
all councillors’ feelings in thanking all who had been involved spreading grit
and assisting the needy during the inclement weather over Christmas.

4. Cllr.Mrs.Parry was concerned
about a fridge dumped in Dolwyd. The Environment Agency had not shown any
concern when she raised the matter with them. Cllr.G.Rees will follow this
matter up.

5. Cllr.Mrs.Evans asked if the yellow road marking outside school could be repainted.

6. Cllr.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess had made enquiries about lamp post planters to enhance the village.

7. Cllr.Barton had been asked to enquire whether the council could purchase a number of snow shovels for use in
the village in inclement weather. This was seen not to be practicable.

8. Cllr.Barton reported that the gate where Path 14 and 15 meet was locked and that path 10 was not clearly
indicated at Cefn Garlleg.

9. Cllr.Mrs.Rogers asked yet again if the trees in Acre Field could receive attention. Cllr.G.Rees will follow this up.

10.  Cllr.Mrs.Edmondson was concerned about the grass verge at Top Llan Road
opposite Ty’n Celyn.

11.  Cllr.Spicer mentioned the road surface at the Fforddlas end of Graig
Hill. The Clerk mentioned that a hole was appearing in the road by an
inspection cover outside Cartrefle on the A470.

12.  Cllr.Mrs.Evans wished to show her appreciation of the efforts made
by the refuse/recycle collectors to clear all bins during the adverse weather.
All local matters were approved and the Clerk will follow up those that
need attention.
Date of next meeting – March 8th 2011 –     7:30pm            General Meeting  

The Clerk distributed an amended list of proposed dates for council meetings in 2011.      


Cofnodion o’r Cyfarfod 25/01/2011
Cyng.J.Spicer, Cyng.T.S.Buckley, Cyng.Mrs.C.Evans,
Cyng.Mrs.A.Parry, Cyng.Mrs.S.Lesiter-Burgess, Cyng.Mrs.P.Rodgers, Cyng.Mrs.A.Brooke,
Cyng.D.J.Rees, Cyng.Mrs.S.Edmondson, Cyng.C.P.Barton, Cyng.G.Rees (CBS Conwy),


Diddymwyd y Rheolau Statudol er mwyn derbyn adroddiad yr heddlu.

Soniodd PC Verburg am y dwyn o siediau yn
ardal Ffordd Naddyn/Top Llan a’r broblem ymddygiad gwrthgymdeithasol yn yr
arhosfa bws. Yn anffodus doedd hyn ond wedi gyrru’r broblem i ardal Nant yr
Efail. Gofynnwyd i’r cyngor adrodd am unrhyw broblemau parthed y goleuadau
traffig yn y Llan ar hyn o bryd i gysylltu â’r Adran Priffyrdd. Fe ddylid
cysylltu ag Adran yr Amgylchedd parthed y tipio anghyfreithlon yn ardal Ffordd
Meusydd trwy ddefnyddio’r safle we.

Gofynnodd y SCCH os byddai’r cyngor yn
fodlon talu am drafnidiaeth trip yr henoed eto eleni.

Diolchodd y Cadeirydd i’r Heddlu am eu
presenoldeb ac fe ail sefydlwyd y Rheolau Statudol.
3. Cofnodion:
Cytunwyd ar gofnodion y cyfarfod blaenorol
Materion yn Codi o’r Cofnodion:
1.  2010/11-3:10.3 Llwybr a
Goleuadau Canolfan y Sgowtiaid – E-bost i law yn dweud mai cyfrifoldeb y
pwyllgor rheoli oedd y goleuadau. Fe basiwyd y wybodaeth ‘mlaen i bwyllgor y

2.  2010/11-3:10.5
Digwyddiad yn y Llan – Ni fydd hyn
yn ymddangos ar yr agenda o hyn allan.

3.  2010/11-5:10.3 Siglen
yn Maeshyfryd - Disgwyl prisiad cywir gan yr adran berthnasol.

4.  2010/11-6:10.3
Mynedfa Acre Field - y cais wedi ei ganiatáu..

5.  2010/11.7:10.1 Problem
Cyffuriau – Yr heddlu’n
datgan nad oedd adroddiad am hyn i law yn ddiweddar.

6. 2010/11.7:10.2 MUGA - adroddiad o’r cyfarfod a gynhaliwyd
yn ddiweddar rhwng y Gymdeithas Chwaraeon, Yr Adran Ieuenctid ac aelodau’r
cyngor. (WE Roberts i atgyweirio’r MUGA 
- £700.00) Yn dilyn trafodaeth hir, penderfynwyd fod y cyngor yn ceisio
dau bris am ddod a’r adeilad i safon er mwyn gallu penderfynu os oedd y cyngor
mewn sefyllfa i gymryd y cyfrifoldeb am y Gymdeithas Chwaraeon. Ni does
penderfyniad wedi ei wneud hyd yma. Cytunwyd i drafod sefyllfa ariannol y
Gymdeithas Chwaraeon yn y cyfarfod nesaf. Fe roddir y wybodaeth uchod i Iain

7. 2010/11.7:10.3 Glanhawr y Stryd - y cais wedi ei roi iddo
ond fe ofynnir iddo eto i glirio’r dail 

8. 2010/11.7:10.4 Cerbyd yn loetran – Y
mater wedi ei basio ‘mlaen i’r Heddlu.

9. 2010/11.7:10.7 Rhwystr Llwybr – y mater
yn derbyn sylw.

5. Canlyniadau Ceisiadau Cynllunio:
              0/37470           Tir wrth Tal Goed                                           Caniatawyd
6. Cyllid:

Yn dilyn
trafodaeth, cynigiodd Cyng.Barton, gyda chefnogaeth Cyng.Buckley osod praesept
o £10000.00 eto eleni.

Cyng.Mrs.Edmondson, gyda chefnogaeth Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess,  braesept o £12500.00

Yn dilyn
pleidlais, fe dderbyniwyd y gwelliant ac fe osodir praesept o £12500.00


I Mewn:

                        Trydydd archebiant                                                    £3334.00


                        J.Hughes-Jones           - 9 bag graeanu                        £2115.00

illuminations – goleuadau’r coed                        £240.88

                                    Balans yn y Banc 27/07/2010)        C/Rh     £1209.46

                                                                                                C/C     £12280.64

                                                                          Scottish Widows      £12788.17


7. Gohebiaeth:
1.  CBS Conwy parthed Cyfarfod Cysylltu - atgoffa.

2.   CBS Conwy parthed Adnewyddu a Datblygu Pentrefi Gwledig.

3. CBS Conwy parthed gwahardd Yfed Alcohol.

4. CBS Conwy parthed Cyfarfod Strategaeth Cymuned yn Eglwysbach ar
01/02/11 am 7 y.h. - Cadeirydd, Is-gadeirydd, Cyng.Mrs.Rogers a’r Clerc i

5.  UHY Hacker Young yn anfon derbynneb am y taliad archwiliad allanol.

6.   Cymdeithas Treftadaeth Dyffryn Conwy parthed ‘Gwobrau Dyffryn Conwy

7.   Y Cynulliad parthed ‘Gwariant a Benthyg’.

8.   Alan Jones, Ail-gylchu,
wedi cysylltu’n gofyn am gael hanner awr i drafod newidiadau yn y drefn casglu
sbwriel yn y Llan. Cytunwyd i’w wahodd i’r cyfarfod nesaf.

9. BT parthed Ciosg Ffôn Maeshyfryd - newidiadau yn y cynigiad i’r
cyngor fabwysiadu’r ciosg. Roedd y cynllun wedi ei wrthod pan wnaethpwyd y
cynnig gwreiddiol.
            Ceisiadau am Nawdd:

1. Y Lleng Prydeinig - ‘Penwythnos
y Parti Mawr. Mae’r cyngor yn cefnogi’r Lleng Prydeinig yn barod trwy Apêl yr
Iarll Haig.

2. Gofal Croesffyrdd Gogledd Cymru
- gofynnwyd i’r Clerc holi faint yn y Llan oedd yn elwa o’r gwaith uchod ac am
fantolen erbyn trafod y mater yn y cyfarfod nesaf.

Nid oedd y
ceisiadau’n cydymffurfio a’r rheolau ac fe’u gadawyd ar y Bwrdd.

8 & 9. Adroddiad y Cynghorydd Sirol:
Rhoddodd Cyng.Rees adroddiad llafar oedd yn
delio â’r materion isod:
              CDLl Lon Maeshyfryd/Tal y Fan/Top Llan


10. Materion Lleol:
‘Cerrig Coffa’r Milwyr’ yn
y  Fynwent - Cytunwyd fod y cyngor yn
cymryd trosodd y cyfrifoldeb am gynnal a chadw. Cerrig Coffa a bod y cyllid a
drosglwyddir yn cael ei gadw ond at y gwaith yma. Bydd y Clerc yn cysylltu â’r
cwmni siwrans parthed y gost o gynnwys y Cerrig Coffa yn y polisi. Bydd
Cyng.Spicer yn cysylltu â Mr.Victor Williams i gadarnhau’r penderfyniad.

Mynegodd Cyng.Buckley siom nad
oedd yr Asiantaeth Priffyrdd yn fodlon cefnogi cais y cyngor am arwyddion
dangos cyflymder nail ochr i’r Llan gan ei fod wedi gweld traffig yn cael ei
‘recordio’ yn teithio ar gyflymder o dros 60 m.y.a. o fewn yr ardal gyfyngedig.
Fe soniodd hefyd am ei bryderon parthed y CCC. Roedd Cyng.Spicer wedi bwriadu
ymweld â’r ganolfan ond heb gyrraedd yno.

Roedd Cyng. Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess
wedi gwneud ymholiadau am brisiau peiriant graenu. Fe fynegodd teimladau’r
cyngor i gyd wrth ddiolch i bawb oedd wedi body n rhan o chwalu graean a gofalu
am y rhai bregus yn ystod y tywydd garw dros y Nadolig.

Roedd Cyng.Mrs.Parry’n bryderus
am rewgell oedd wedi ei gadael yn Nolwyd. Nid oedd yr Adran Amgylcheddol wedi
dangos dim pryderon pan soniodd hi am y mater. Bydd Cyng.G.Rees yn delio gyda’r

Gofynnodd Cyng.Mrs.Evans am
gael ail beintio’r llinellau melyn o flaen yr ysgol.

Roedd Cyng.Mrs.Lesiter-Burgess
wedi prisio potiau blodau ar gyfer polion lampau.

Roedd aelod o’r cyhoedd wedi
holi Cyng.Barton os oedd modd i’r cyngor archebu nifer o rawiau pwrpasol i
glirio eira ac i’w dosbarthu o gwmpas y Llan. Nid oedd y cyngor yn gweld hyn yn

Adroddodd Cyng.Barton fod y
giât lle'r oedd llwybr 14 a 15 yn gyfarfod wedi ei chloi a bod angen arwyddbyst
ar lwybr 10 wrth Cefn Garlleg.

Gofynnodd Cyng.Mrs.Rogers eto
am gael tocio’r coed yn Acre Field. Cyng.G.Rees i ddelio gyda’r mater yma.

10.  Mynegodd Cyng.Mrs.Edmondson breeder eto am y glaswellt rhwng Ty’n
Celyn a Ffordd Top Llan.

11.  Soniodd Cyng.Spicer am gyflwr Ffordd Graig ym mhen Fforddlas.
Soniodd y Clerc hefyd am dwll oedd wedi ymddangos wrth Cartrefle ar yr A470.

12.  Dymunai Cyng.Mrs.Evans ddatgan ei gwerthfawrogiad o ymdrechion y
casglwyr sbwriel/ailgylchu i wagio holl finiau yn ystod y tywydd garw.

Cytunwyd ar holl o’r materion lleol ac fe fydd y Clerc yn delio a’r
materion sydd angen sylw.
Dyddiad y Cyfarfod Nesaf: Mawrth 8fed, 2011     7:30                 Cyfarfod Llawn

Dosbarthodd y
Clerc restr ddiwygiedig o’r dyddiadau arfaethedig o gyfarfodydd y cyngor yn
ystod 2011.





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