Minutes of Council Meeting 02/11/2010
l. Present:
Cllr.J.Spicer, Cllr.C.P.Barton, Cllr.Mrs.S.Edmondson,
Cllr.Mrs.C.Evans, Cllr.Mrs.A.Parry, Cllr.Mrs.P.Rodgers, Cllr.D.J.Rees, Cllr.T.S.Buckley,
Cllr.R.Paton, Cllr.O.Evans-Jones, Cllr.Mrs.S.Lesiter-Burgess

2. Apologies:
3. Minutes:
The minutes of the last meeting (14/09/2010) were approved.
4. Matters Arising:

1.   2009/10-8: Youth Event –Brian Watson was
present and gave a report on the ‘Youth Event’ that was held on June 12th.
There was £391.50 surplus from the £500 that the council had allocated for the
event. Following a discussion, it was agreed to ask for this money back.
Mr.Watson was thanked for his presence.

2. 2009/10-2:10.8 Christmas Lights –the
Clerk explained the difficulties that he was encountering trying to obtain
extra lights that were deemed safe.

3.   2010/11-1:9.2 Bulb Project – The Clerk
explained that Snowdonia Nursery had supplied 14 sacks of 7kg at cost price.
The Glan Conwy Community Gardening Group had received three bags and the Scouts
had assisted some councillors to plant their allocation. It was agreed that the
Chairman would deliver a letter of thanks to the nursery.

4.   2010/11-3:10.1
Speed Signs– no further progress

5.   2010/11-3:10.3
Scout Centre Steps – it was not known if the work had been completed.

6.   2010/11-3:10.5 Village event – this
matter will be on the agenda for the next meeting. (councillors were asked to bring contact addresses for as many
organisations that they know of to the next meeting and the Clerk will then
circulate a letter asking for a declaration of interest.)

7. 2010/11-5:7.11
Community Workshop – the group is in
negotiations with Trustees of  Ty’n

8. 2010/11-5:7.Funding
Application 3 – information received from James Berry that approx 15 adults
would be benefitting from the project. Following a discussion and a vote it was
decided not to support this application.

9. 2010/11-5:10.1
Ffordd Cilglassyn sign – the county has no money to pay to remove the sign.

Fly tipping at Llewelyn Terrace – this is private land and there is nothing
that    the council can do.

Swing at Maeshyfryd – this is not possible as the whole unit would need to
be replaced with one swing for a child & one for a toddler. Awaiting a
price from Lyn Davies.

Llwybr y Nant – this has been seen to but it was stated that the path was

Grit bins – all have been filled.

Ffordd Naddyn – received a response from the Highways Dept turning down the
request on grounds of noise.

Drumquin – some remedial work carried out to try to solve the problem.

5. Planning Outcomes:

0/37037           Pennant,  Garth Road                           Refused
6. Finance:
Finance Sub-committee:

The committee had met prior to the main meeting and had begun to consider the precept for
2011/12. The Clerk had pointed out that there was a substantial sum as carry


Chairman’s Fund                                   £200.00

J.Hughes-Jones - bulbs                           £82.25

Earl Haig Poppy Appeal                         £150.00

Total in accounts 02/11/10          C/A      £942.80

                                             D/A      £12278.99

                       Scottish Widows Acc. £12788.17

7. Correspondence:
1. Letter from James Berry re having a flag
pole in the village. This matter had been discussed previously and was left on
the table.

2. Cartrefi Conwy re ‘Putting ideas into

3. Glasdir giving information on
forthcoming events.

4. Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board re change
of ‘out of hours’ telephone number – 0300
123 55 66

5. Conwy CBC re Revised Statement of
Licensing Policy.

6. DVS offering assistance with pricing
property held by council – not relevant to this council.

7. Hacker Young re audit – it was agreed to
re approve the Audit.

8. E-mail from Guto Bebb – he is keen to
attend a meeting. It was felt that the council would then be honour bound to
invite representatives of the other political parties to future meetings. This
council is also non political.

9. E-mail from Linda Loughead stating that
the old community website is no longer active and has been replaced by a new
one with the following address –

10.Cllr Rees is following up a problem with
three street lights on Top Llan
Road. Other lights were also reported as needing

11.Information received that three young
men from the village intend cycling/unicycling round the Isle
of Man to raise money towards 
‘Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research’. The suggestion was that this would
bring the village to the wider public and deserved some support. The
councillors were asked to publicise this venture as much as possible.

12.Conwy CBC re forum on Renewable Energy’
held at Glasdir.

13.PCSO’s report. Mrs.Buerdsell is in the
process of setting up ‘Controlled Cold-Calling to cover the entire village.
This will be a prolonged effort and will commence on Dec 2nd on the
Conwy Valley Estate and Top Llan
Road. An incident had been dealt with in the
village recently. It was suggested that the council be involved in improving
the lighting on the path leading to the Scout Hut. Parking is still a problem
in the village.

14.Conwy CBC invitation to the annual
‘Sports Awards. The Chairman will represent the community at the event

15.Assembly re ‘Community and Town Councils
Survey’ which will be completed.

Funding Application:

1.     ‘Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre Wales’

2.     National Eisteddfod – Wrexham

3.     Community Dance for Conwy

4.     N Wales Deaf Association

Out of order

5.     Old People’s Welfare Committee. This group had received £500 in January towards
this year’s dinner.

8 & 9: County Councillor’s Report:
Cllr.Rees was not present and on report was received.
10. Local Matters:
1. The Clerk reminded councillors that the Remembrance Parade and Service would be on
November 14th at Bryn Ebeneser Chapel. The parade would set off at
10:30 from Llewelyn Terrace.

2.    An e-mail to hand from Richard Hoare re lamp 2 at Y Bryn. The tree had overgrown
to mask the light.

asked if the Planning Dept could look at the ‘construction’ at the entrance to
Acre Field.

4.    Cllr.Paton asked if a grit bin could be located at Garth.

5.    Cllr.Paton reported that the holes in the road at Garth had been repaired but, in the
process, parts of the ‘soakaways’ had also been filled causing floods.

6.    Cllr.Barton wished to congratulate the Glan Conwy Community Gardening Group for their
efforts at Maeshyfryd.

7.    Cllr.Mrs.Rodgers asked again for the trees in Acre Field and Fforddlas be pruned. One tree in
Acre Field, which had been reported twice before, had recently fallen to damage
the Scout Hut. It was lucky that no one was injured. The council would consider
match funding to get the work done.

8.    Cllr.Spicer reported that the ‘dead’ tree on the road to Graig had lost another branch.
This needed attention before an accident happened.

9.     Cllr.Spicer reported that he had been approached by Mr.Victor Williams asking if the
council could take over the responsibility for the memorial crosses in the
cemetery. There was a local charity set up to look after them that had over £640
in funds. This could be ring fenced to maintain the crosses in the future. The
council was unanimous in favour of this. It will be necessary to look into the
charitable status. This could either be disbanded or named councillors could
become the nominated trustees.
All local matters were approved and the Clerk will follow up those that
need attention.
Date of Next Meeting – December 14th, 2010 – 7:30pm – General Meeting.

The Clerk distributed a list of proposed dates for next year’s council meetings.
Planning Application:
0/37257                Godre’r Coed               dealt with by the Chairman.

0/37276                 Victoria Stores             dealt with by the Chairman.

0/37282                 Conwy Food Fest         dealt with by the Chairman.





Cofnodion o’r Cyfarfod 02/11/2010




Cyng.J.Spicer, Cyng.C.P.Barton,
Cyng.Mrs.S.Edmondson, Cyng.T.S.Buckley, Cyng.Mrs.C.Evans, Cyng.Mrs.A.Parry,
Cyng.Mrs.P.Rodgers, Cyng.D.J.Rees, Cyng.R.Paton, Cyng.O.Evans-Jones,




RhRhG, S.C.C.H.




Cytunwyd ar gofnodion y cyfarfod blaenorol


Materion yn Codi o’r Cofnodion:


1.  2009/10-8: Digwyddiad
ar gyfer yr Ieuenctid - Roedd Brian Watson yn bresennol ac fe roddodd
adroddiad ar y digwyddiad ar Fehefin 12fed. Roedd tan wariant o £391.50 o’r
£500 a roddodd y cyngor tuag at y costau arfaethedig. Yn dilyn trafodaeth,
cytunwyd i ofyn am y sbâr yn ôl. Diolchwyd i Mr.Watson am ei bresenoldeb.

2.  2009/10-2:10.8 Goleuadau Nadolig –Esboniodd
y Clerc y trafferthion oedd yn eu cael wrth geisio archebu goleuadau ychwanegol
fyddai’n dderbyniol o ran diogelwch.

3.  2010/11-1:9.2
Prosiect y Bylbiau -Esboniodd y Clerc fod wedi cael cyflenwad o Feithrinfa
Planhigion Snowdonia am bris gostyngol. Roedd Grŵp Gerddi Cymunedol Glan Conwy
wedi derbyn tri sach ac roedd y Sgowtiaid wedi rhoi cymorth i rai cynghorwyr i
blannu eu dyraniad. Cytunwyd i ysgrifennu at Mr.Evans i ddiolch am ei haelioni.

4.  2010/11-3:10.1
Arwyddion Cyflymder – dim byd pellach i’w adrodd hyd yma.

5.  2010/11-3:10.3 Llwybr Canolfan y Sgowtiaid –
oedd gwybodaeth ar gael os oedd y gwaith wedi ei gwblhau.

6.  2010/11-3:10.5 Digwyddiad yn y Llan – Penderfynwyd
rhoi’r eitem yma ar agenda’r cyfarfod nesaf. (Trafodwyd
y syniad ac fe ofynnwyd i bawb ddod a manylion cysylltu mudiadau i’r cyfarfod
nesaf er mwyn i’r Clerc anfon llythyr yn gofyn ân ddatganiad diddordeb.)

7.  2010/11-5:7.11 Gweithdy Cymunedol - mae’r
grŵp yn trafod gydag ymddiriedolwyr Ty’n Celyn.

8.  2010/11-5:7.
Cais am Nawdd 3 - gwybodaeth i law gan James Berry mai tua 15 fyddai’n elwa
o’r cynllun. Yn dilyn trafodaeth oedd o blaid cefnogi’r prosiect,a phleidlais,
penderfynwyd peidio cefnogi’r cais.

9.  2010/11-5:7.10.1
Arwydd Ffordd Cilglassyn - nid oedd gan GBS Conwy gyllid i wneud y gwaith.

10. 2010/11-5:7.10.2
Tipio Anghyfreithlon yn Nheras Llewelyn – nid oedd modd gwneud dim gan ei
fod ar dir preifat.

11. 2010/11-5:7.10.3
Siglen ym maes chwarae Maeshyfryd – nid oedd modd newid un sedd heb osod
uned hollol newydd gydag un siglen i blant mân ac un i blant hun. Disgwyl pris
gan Lyn Davies.

12. 2010/11-5:7.10.5
Llwybr y Nant – wedi derbyn sylw ond roedd pryder parthed diogelwch gan nad
oedd rhannau’n saff.

13. 2010/11-5:7.10.6
Biniau Halen – maent wedi eu llenwi.

14. 2010/11-5:7.10.7 Ffordd Naddyn - ymateb
gan yr adran yn gwrthod y cais o'r herwydd sŵn.

15. 2010/11-5:7.10.8
Drumquin - mae rhywfaint o waith adfer wedi ei
wneud i geisio sortio’r broblem.

5. Canlyniadau Ceisiadau Cynllunio:


            0/37139           20, Nant y Coed                                              Caniatawyd




                        Adroddiad yr Is-bwyllgor Cyllid:

Roedd yr
Is-bwyllgor wedi cyfarfod cyn y cyfarfod llawn i ddechrau ar y gwaith o osod
archebiant am 2011/12. Roedd y Clerc wedi esbonio fod yna swm sylweddol yn y


Cronfa’r Cadeirydd                                                    £200.00

                        J.Hughes-Jones            - y bylbiau                                           £82.25

yr Iarll Haig                                                        £150.00

                                    Balans yn y Banc 27/07/2010)        C/Rh     £942.80

                                                                                                C/C     £12278.99

                                                                          Scottish Widows      £12788.17




1.  Llythyr gan James Berry parthed cael hwylbren yn y Llan. Roedd y
mater wedi ei drafod o’r blaen ac fe’i gadawyd ar y bwrdd.

2.   Cartrefi Conwy parthed ‘’Gweithredu Syniadau’.

3.  Glasdir yn rhannu gwybodaeth am ddigwyddiadau’r dyfodol.

4.  Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Betsi Cadwaladr parthed newid yn y rhif ffôn
‘ar ôl amser’ - 0300 123 55

5.   CBS Conwy parthed Datganiad Diwygiedig o’r Polisi Trwyddedu.

6.  DVS - Arbenigwyr Eiddo yn cynnig cymorth gyda phrisio eiddo - nid yn
berthnasol i’r cyngor hwn..

7.   Hacker Young parthed yr archwiliad – cytunwyd i ail-gadarnhau’r

8.   E-bost gan Guto Bebb AS oedd yn awyddus i fynychu cyfarfod.
Teimlai’r cyngor y byddai’n rhaid gwahodd cynrychiolwyr o bleidiau eraill er
mwyn tegwch. Hefyd nid yw’r cyngor yn ‘wleidyddol’.

9.  E-bost gan Linda Loughead yn datgan nad yw’r hen safle wê ar gael
erbyn hyn ond fod yr un newydd ar gael ar

10. Mae Cyng.G.Rees yn dilyn
materion parthed rhai lampau stryd ar Ffordd Top Llan. Roedd rhai eraill hefyd
yn ddiffygiol.

11. Gwybodaeth i law fod tri gŵr
ifanc o’r Llan ar fin cychwyn taith noddedig o amgylch Ynys Manaw ar feiciau i
godi arian at Ymchwil Lewcemia a Limffomia’ Yr awgrym oedd y byddai hyn yn dod
a chyhoeddusrwydd i’r Llan ac y dylai dderbyn cefnogaeth. Gofynnwyd i’r
cynghorwyr rannu gwybodaeth am y fenter..

12. CBS Conwy par fforwm ar
Ynni Adnewyddadwy a gynhaliwyd yng Nglasdir.

13. Adroddiad yr SCCH. Mae
Mrs.Buerdsell yn y broses o sefydlu ‘cynllun Galw Ddiwahoddiad’ yn y Llan. Fe
gymerith amser i’w sefydlu ac fe gychwynnir ar y gwaith ar Ragfyr 2il ar Stad
Dyffryn Conwy a Ffordd Top Llan.

Mae digwyddiad
yn y Llan wedi derbyn sylw. Awgrymodd tybed a all y cyngor helpu i wella
ansawdd y golau sy’n arwain i ganolfan y Sgowtiaid. Mae parcio yn y Llan yn dal
i greu poendod.

14. CBS Conwy yn gwahodd y Cadeirydd i ‘Wobrau Chwaraeon y sir ar

15. Newidiadau i daflen amser

            Ceisiadau am Nawdd:

Canolfan Bobath Cymru -  dim mantolen – allan o drefn.

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Wrecsam
– allan o drefn.

Dawns i Bawb -  allan o drefn.

Cymdeithas y Byddar, Gogledd
Cymru – allan o drefn

Pwyllgor er lles Henoed y Llan
- wedi derbyn £500 ar ddechrau’r flwyddyn ar gyfer y cinio'r flwyddyn hon.


& 9. Adroddiad y Cynghorydd Sirol:


Nid oedd Cyng.Rees yn bresennol ac nid oedd
adroddiad i law.


Materion Lleol:


Atgoffodd y Clerc fod y
Gwasanaeth Cadoediad ym Mryn Ebeneser ar Dachwedd 14eg am 10:45 y bore ac y
byddai’r orymdaith o Deras Llewelyn am 10:30.

E-bost gan
Richard Hoare yn dweud fod gormod o dyfiant o amgylch lamp 2 Y Bryn yn amharu
ar ansawdd y golau. Roedd llefydd eraill yn debyg i hyn.

Gofynnodd Cyng.Paton a fyddai
modd i’r Adran Gynllunio edrych ar y sefyllfa ym mynediad Acre Field.

Gofynnodd Cyng.Paton am gael
gosod bin graeanu yn Ffordd Garth.

Adroddodd Cyng.Paton fod y
tyllau yn y ffordd yn ardal Garth wedi derbyn sylw ond fod y suddfannau dŵr
wedi eu llenwi hefyd sydd wedi achosi llifogydd.

6.   Dymunai Cyng.Barton
longyfarch Grŵp Gerddi Cymunedol Glan Conwy am y gwaith a   wnaethpwyd ym Maeshyfryd.

7.   Gofynnodd
Cyng.Mrs.Rodgers  unwaith eto am gael
tocio coed yn Acre Field ac ardal Pentrefelin/Fforddlas. Roedd un goeden yn
Acre Field wedi syrthio i greu difrod i Ganolfan y Sgowtiaid. Lwcus na chafodd
neb niwed. Byddai’r cyngor yn cysidro rhannu’r gost er mwyn cael gwneud y
gwaith yn fuan.

8.  Adroddodd Cyng.Spicer fod
darn arall o’r goeden ar Ffordd Graig wedi dod i ffwrdd. Eto angen sylw cyn i
ddamwain ddigwydd.

9.  Soniodd Cyng.Spicer fod
Mr.Victor Williams wedi bod yn ei weld a gofyn os y byddai’r cyngor yn fodlon
cymryd trosodd y cyfrifoldeb am y croesau bychain oedd yn y fynwent. Mae elusen
leol mewn bodolaeth sydd â dros £640 mewn llaw i wneud unrhyw waith cynnal a
chadw. Byddai modd clustnodi’r swm i’r dyfodol. Roedd y cyngor yn unfrydol o
blaid gwneud hyn. Bydd angen sortio’r elusen unai trwy ei diddymu neu trwy enwi
dau neu dri aelod fel ymddiriedolwyr newydd.

Cytunwyd ar holl
o’r materion lleol ac fe fydd y Clerc yn delio a’r materion sydd angen sylw.


Dyddiad y Cyfarfod Nesaf: Rhagfyr 14eg - 7:30    Cyfarfod


Dosbarthwyd rhestr arfaethedig o ddyddiadau
cyfarfodydd 2011




      0/37257                 Godre’r
Coed               y
Cadeirydd wedi delio a hwn.

0/37276                 Victoria
Stores             y Cadeirydd wedi delio
a hwn.

0/37282                 Gŵyl
Fwyd Conwy      y Cadeirydd wedi delio a





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