About the Community Council...


The Community Council is made up of twelve members, six for each of the two wards, Bryn Rhys and Fforddlas.


The Councillors are volunteers who have the community at heart.


A councillor is appointed for a period of four years and, although appointed to a ward, takes an interest in the whole of the community.


 A councillor is voted into office as Chair and another as Vice-chair at the Annual General Meeting.


The Council raises a precept (local community charge) towards its running costs and projects that it has decided upon. It also takes into consideration applications for small financial aid from organisations within the community.


Elections are held every fourth year and, if not enough members of the public put their names forward, the remaining vacant seats are filled by co-option. Members of the community are asked to volunteer themselves and, if there are more names than the required number, then the present members of the Council interview and select enough members to fill the vacancies.


The Council is the eyes and ears of the community - the link between the community and Conwy County Borough Council. All planning applications within the community come before the Council for observations.


The Council meets every six weeks on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30. There are also some planning meetings that fall within the six week cycles.

 Last updated on 31 July 2013
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